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Nov 2, 2022

Who was Ryan Grantham on Riverdale?

His most recent role was in 2019 as Jeffery in “Riverdale.”

How old is Ryan Grantham now?

About 24 years (1998)Ryan Grantham / Age

What actor from Supernatural was sentenced to life?

Ryan Grantham, a Canadian actor whose credits include “Riverdale,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Supernatural,” has been sentenced to life in prison with parole ineligibility of 14 years for the second-degree murder of his mother, CBC reports.

What role did Ryan Grantham play in Supernatural?

In ‘Supernatural’ season 4 episode 8 titled ‘ Wishful Thinking’ young Ryan played Todd, a little kid being bullied at school.

What happened to Jeffrey in Riverdale?

Ryan Grantham was once best known for playing Jeffery Augustine in The CW horror show, Riverdale, but the actor will now face life behind bars for a real-life crime. The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in March 2022 after he fatally shot his mother, Barbara Waite, in 2020.

What movies were Ryan Grantham in?

Ryan Grantham/Appears in

Who did Ryan Graham play in Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

Ryan Grantham is a Canadian actor and model who was born in 1998. Although he is known for his bit roles in Supernatural, iZombie, and Riverdale, as well as for playing “Rodney” in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the young performer hit headlines everywhere when he confessed to killing his mother.

What did the kid from Diary of a Wimpy Kid do?

Ryan Grantham is well-known for his roles in the films, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Riverdale. Grantham pleaded guilty to his crime of killing his sixty-four-year-old mother, Barbara Waite. The gruesome crime happened in March 2020 in their British Columbia home.

Why did they change actors for Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

Because the release dates of this film and the previous Diary of a Wimpy Kid film are so spaced apart, child actors such as Zachary Gordon from the previous films did not reprise their roles due to being too old for their characters. Also many of the adult actors had begun working on other projects.

What is Rodney’s role in Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

In the film, he initially plays the role of a bush, but becomes part of the tree scene during the actual play.

How many children does Dean Winchester have?

Dean has had three sons and a daughter.

How long is a life sentence?

However, someone convicted of murder will always receive a life sentence. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will spend the rest of their life in prison. Depending on how serious the crime was, the offender will be forced to spend many years in jail before they are allowed to apply for parole.

Who played Todd in Supernatural?

“Supernatural” Wishful Thinking (TV Episode 2008) – Ryan Grantham as Todd – IMDb.

Which Riverdale episode was Ryan Grantham in?

On Riverdale, Grantham appeared as Jeffrey in the episode “Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam,” which was Season 4, Episode 1, per IMDb.

Who plays the invisible kid in supernatural?

The actress who played Hope Lynn Casey in this episode, Anita Brown, co-starred with Jensen Ackles in the The CW series Dark Angel. She played the title character in the episode titled “Gill Girl.” She also played the shapeshifter victim Lindsay in “Skin” from Season 1.

Who is Rodney James in Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

Ryan Grantham: Rodney James.

What season of Riverdale was Ryan Grantham in?

With about 30 credits on his r?sum?, Grantham noticeably played Jeffrey Augustine on the fourth season of the soapy CW hi Riverdale in 2019. While appearing briefly, the character had a pivotal role in the Archie Comics-based show.

Who hit Fred Andrews with a car?

In one episode of Season 4, titled Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam, Jeffrey is seen breaking into his father’s car, driving away, and suddenly hitting Fred Andrews on the side of the road when he was assisting someone.

Who shot Mr Andrews?

The Black Hood was finally caught and revealed to be Betty’s dad, Hal Cooper. Hal shot Fred over his adulterous affair with Hermione Lodge in Season 1.

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