why is my sky card not pairing

ByMaksim L.

Oct 13, 2022

Why is my Sky Q viewing card not working?

If your viewing card is inserted correctly, remove it from your Sky box and then reinsert back into the correct slot, ensuring that the arrows are pointing towards your Sky box and card chip is facing down. If you are still seeing the On Screen Message, you will need to complete a restart on your Sky box.

How long does Sky viewing card take to pair?

Once successful, the on-screen message should then changes to “Viewing card paired. Use this option to trigger a callback”. Please be patient however as it can take anywhere from a few minutes up to four hours to fully pair your Sky Q viewing card and activate your channels.

Can I pair my Sky card to another box?

Your Sky card is paired with your Sky Box so it’s designed to work together. The card cannot be used with another box or a third party equipment.

Can you swap Sky cards between boxes?

The only Viewing Card linked to your subscription is the one in your Sky box at home. Viewing Cards aren’t transferable between customer accounts.

Can you pair your Sky viewing card online?

You can now pair your viewing card to a new or replacement box on line without having to ring Sky. Simply follow the instructions below. In order to carry out this pairing process, you will require the following details from your box/es: Sky box version number.

Does Sky Glass require a viewing card?

Re: Sky viewing card number, Sky Glass Glass has no ‘card’ and so no card number: presumably any such services, if they emerge, will have to link some other way.

How do I pair my Sky buttons?

On your Sky remote press TV then hold down select and 0 together until the LED flashes twice. You’ll need your four digit Sky remote amplifier code. Use the numbers on your Sky remote to enter the code. The LED will flash twice.

How do I pair my Sky viewing card with BT Sport?

To pair your card via BT, please click on Contact Us at the bottom of the page. You’ll need the Sky viewing card number and version number, and the serial number of your box. These can all be found through the Services menu option on the box using the Sky remote control. Change or swap the Sky card I watch BT Sport on?

How do I activate my sky glass account?

Set up your Sky Glass TV first, then plug your Sky Stream puck into your other TV and the power supply, and follow the on-screen instructions. Good to know: When you log into Netflix on Sky Glass for the first time, make sure it’s on your Sky Glass TV (not a Sky Stream puck).

Is your Sky pin on your viewing card?

If you haven’t changed it, it will be the last 4 digits of your Viewing Card.

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