why is my gas heater not staying lit

ByMaksim L.

Oct 13, 2022

Why does my gas heater flame keep going out?

If the gas furnace’s pilot light keeps going out, it may be due to a weak flame, faulty thermocouple or problem with the pilot orifice or gas regulator.

How do you clean a thermocouple on a gas heater?

In cleaning a thermocouple, you need some steel wool or 60-grit sandpaper, and a cloth. First, turn off the gas supply, unscrew the thermocouple and then clean it with steel wool or sandpaper then wipe down with a cloth to remove residue. I clean our thermocouple every six months to avoid getting it coated with soot.

Why does the flame keep going out?

Your furnace has a limit switch that keeps it from running if the heat exchanger is too hot. Dirty filters, closed or blocked vents and other blockages in airflow are common causes of an overheated furnace. A bad limit switch. The limit switch may be bad and need to be replaced.

How do I know if my thermocouple is broken?

After about a minute, when you’re sure the probe has gotten hot, place one lead on the shaft of the thermocouple and the other lead on the connector. If the reading is less than 25 millivolts, the thermocouple is bad and needs to be replaced.

Why is my furnace flame not staying on?

Your furnace will not stay on if it is overheating, large-sized, old, the thermostat is malfunctioning, or the flame sensor is dirty and the igniter faulty. Other reasons your furnace will not stay lit include a defective draft inducer motor, a broken thermocouple, or a bad control board.

Can you just clean a thermocouple?

Yes, you can clean a thermocouple, but the task must be done with a light touch. Remove the thermocouple from the process assembly, using a steel wool or emery cloth, lightly clean the tip removing any build up. Cleaning a thermocouple is not a fix for an issue, such as inaccurate readings.

What happens when a thermocouple goes out?

Normally when the thermocouple malfunctions or isn’t working, it simply shuts off the gas to your heater. This is important, particularly if the pilot light is out, because it prevents harmful gas from leaking into your home.

Why does my furnace turn off after a few minutes?

A Clogged Or Defective Flame Sensor If your furnace shuts down after a few minutes, it’s likely due to a faulty or unhygienic flame sensor. This crucial component intends to monitor the gas burner.

How do you trick a flame sensor?

But how to bypass flame sensor on furnace? You can do this by removing the furnace’s access cover, identifying where the flame sensor is, then disconnecting the furnace from the power source. After that, switch off the gas control valve, remove the flame sensor, and check where the problem is.

Why is my furnace flame rolling out?

Rollout is caused by the combination of gases and flames present when the furnace is in operation. When the furnace is on, flames ignite and are meant to remain inside the combustion chamber. In some cases, gases which are not flammable will build inside the chamber, which prevents oxygen from getting to the flames.

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