why do jamaicans drink irish moss

ByMaksim L.

Oct 13, 2022

What is Jamaican Irish moss drink good for?

Jamaican Irish moss is used to boost the body when recovering from a serious illness, due to its high content of important nutrients. It has been used to treat bronchitis, goitre, thyroid problems, and to tone and strengthen the body’s glands. It has been described as a demulcent, emollient and nutritive.

What does Jamaican sea moss do?

It can improve blood sugar control, help lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. “Studies show that sea moss may help lower bad cholesterol, which is one of the factors for heart disease,” Czerwony says.

Is Jamaican and Irish Sea Moss the same?

Sea moss sourced from Jamaica or other tropical locales may be called Irish moss but it is not Chondrus; it most likely comes from a related genus known as Gracilaria, which has a worldwide distribution. There are about 190 Gracilaria species, but only about two dozen are used by humans as food or medicine.

Why are people drinking Seamoss?

Proponents claim that sea moss gel can improve heart health, help you lose weight, and lower cholesterol. The evidence for those purported benefits is pretty slim, but experts suggest that it can be a good supplemental (and vegetarian) source of essential vitamins and minerals.

Does Irish moss detox the body?

It’s one of nature’s best foods for thyroid support, helps soothe and heal the digestive tract, is jam-packed with potassium and helps us detoxify by drawing out heavy metals. The potassium chloride present in Irish moss helps dissolve catarrhs which cause congestion (read: snot).

What happens when you drink sea moss everyday?

Sea moss can contain heavy metals such as iodine, which can lead to health complications if consumed in excess amounts. Too much iodine in your diet can potentially damage your thyroid and interfere with hormonal balance. To be safe, it’s best to consume raw sea moss in moderation.

Which is better Irish or Jamaican sea moss?

Irish sea moss only grows for a short period throughout the year, limiting how much people can harvest. Jamaican purple sea moss doesn’t have a growth period and can grow all year long, meaning you can get it whenever you want.

Who should not eat sea moss?

Additionally, Kramer says there are certain people who should refrain from eating sea moss altogether because it’s high in iodine, namely those with thyroid conditions. “I don’t recommend it for people who have Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism, because then you’re taking two types of iodine,” Kramer says.

Does sea moss detox your body?

Detoxifies Your Body Sea moss is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can help detoxify your body. Additionally, sea moss contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce the risk of disease.

Does sea moss come from Jamaica?

While sea moss may have originated in rocky waters near the coast of Jamaica and Ireland, it’s proven itself throughout centuries to have numerous uses and benefits. Today you can appreciate its rich history while enjoying its benefits in forms that fit your modern lifestyle.

Does sea moss grow in Jamaica?

In most places they are known as seamoss. In Jamaica, where the great- est variety of species is used, they are known as Irish moss. In Belize they are usually simply known as seaweed.

Can sea moss help with weight loss?

The real superpower within sea moss is its fiber. This is what gives it such great weight loss and digestive benefits. The fiber also supports the gut, boosts immunity, and encourages heart health. With minerals like iodine for thyroid hormone function and iron for energy, there’s little downside to consuming sea moss.

Can you drink Irish moss everyday?

Most sea moss products are safe to consume every day, and the majority of our team ingests Irish moss daily or at least uses it in a topical form every day. Considering that it can take a few weeks for you to start noticing the moss’s benefits, we recommend incorporating it into your meals at least once a day.

How often should you drink Irish moss?

For most people, taking one teaspoon of dried sea moss per day is a good starting point. If you are taking it for a specific health condition, such as thyroid problems or high blood pressure, your healthcare provider may recommend a different dose. Sea moss should be taken with plenty of water.

Should I drink sea moss on an empty stomach?

We recommend you take your Sea Moss Gel first thing in the morning (on and empty stomach) but Sea Moss Gel can be consumed at any time during the day or night.

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