why is taylor swift releasing taylor’s version

ByMaksim L.

Oct 8, 2022

Why is Taylor making Taylor’s versions?

Swift is re-recording her earlier albums because this will allow her to own their masters — that is, the songs’ original recordings. Owning her masters means Swift can control the way those particular versions of the songs are used, like granting permission for the music to appear in advertising.

Why is Taylor remaking her albums?

Taylor Swift believes that “artists should own their own work for so many reasons”, as written in an Instagram post earlier this year. As a result, Ms Swift decided to re-record her old albums, so that fans can still listen to her music, while she can still earn money from them.

Why is Taylor making new versions?

The short answer — she’s reclaiming her work. Swift doesn’t own the master recordings of any of the songs on her albums released before her 2019 album, “Lover,” according to a report from CNN. This was due to the contract with her previous record label, Big Machine Records which was purchased by Scooter Braun in 2019.

What is the story behind Taylor’s version?

It focuses on growing older, falling in love, getting your heart broken and most importantly, learning how to grow from all these experiences. Swift herself even grew through more of these experiences, as she first released the songs as an 18-year-old and re-released at 31 years old.

Why did Taylor Swift take her music off Spotify?

A month later, in November 2014, Swift pulled her entire catalog from Spotify as an act of protest against the service’s ad-funded ‘free’ tier – specifically, the fact that artists (at this time) couldn’t chose to only release their music on Spotify’s paid for Premium offering.

What did Scooter do to Taylor?

In a nutshell, Taylor left Big Machine Records (where she recorded her first six albums), then Scooter Braun acquired them, which means he’s now in control of most of her work. Taylor was NOT happy about that, especially since she had been trying to buy back her own masters herself.

Is it legal for Taylor to re-record?

This is why in a move possibly unprecedented by Ithaca Holdings and Shamrock Holdings, Swift was able to block the use of her songs on all projects which required a “synchronisation license.” This license is also the reason why Swift is legally permitted to re-record her masters without being sued for infringement of …

Is Taylor allowed to rerecord her songs?

According to TMZ, Big Machine Records has an “original production clause.” This clause essentially prohibits Taylor from making her forthcoming songs sound exactly like the original versions, so to compensate, Taylor will need to make sure her new recordings sound distinguishable from her older ones to avoid any legal …

Which albums are being rerecorded Taylor?

  • ‘Taylor Swift’, 2006.
  • ‘Fearless’, 2008.
  • ‘Speak Now’, 2010.
  • ‘Red’, 2012.
  • ‘1989’, 2014.

What is Taylor’s song about Harry?

The secret message behind the song: “Her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay.” Why it’s about Harry Styles: The hit “1989” single, “Style,” details a roller-coaster relationship, where the two people keep running around in circles, never really able to cut the ties for good.

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