why is my sengled light unresponsive with alexa

ByMaksim L.

Oct 8, 2022

How do I fix unresponsive smart bulb?

  1. Turn the bulb off.
  2. Start the discovery process again through the app.
  3. Turn the bulb on and connect it again.

Why can’t Alexa find my Sengled bulb?

1) Power your Echo device off—leave it off for, at least, ten seconds—and power it back on. Ensure your Echo device is online before proceeding. 2) Delete the bulb from your Alexa account if it is still listed. 3) Reset the bulb, like so: How do I reset the Sengled Smart Bluetooth Mesh LED bulb?

Why do my smart lights keep going unresponsive?

Restart your router It may be that the cause for the smart light’s unresponsiveness is the router’s ineffectiveness. You might just have to reboot the router connected to the smart light and the control device to resolve the issue.

Why are LED lights unresponsive to Alexa?

Your Alexa device is unresponsive because the WiFi connection is unstable or has low bandwidth. Alexa may also seem unresponsive if the new smart device isn’t set up, turned off, incompatible, or connected to a different WiFi. Outdated firmware and power connectivity issues can also cause the issue.

What do you do when a Sengled light is unresponsive?

To reset a Sengled Bluetooth Mesh bulb, start with the bulb in the on position. Turn it off/on five times in quick succession where off/on counts as one time. If done properly, the bulb will flash three times—pause—then blink once. If it does not flash three times—pause—then blink once, you will have to try again.

Why does Alexa say my device is unresponsive?

Your Alexa device is unresponsive because the WiFi connection is unstable or has low bandwidth. Alexa also seems unresponsive if the new smart device is not set up, off, incompatible, or connected to another WiFi. Older firmware and power connectivity issues can also be a problem.

How do I reconnect my Alexa light bulb to Sengled?

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app, then select the Menu in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Skills & Games.
  3. Select Search, type in Sengled, and select Sengled from the list.
  4. Select Sengled Home.
  5. Select Enable To Use.

Why do my Sengled lights keep disconnecting?

Your Sengled bulb may keep disconnecting from your Wi-Fi because the bulb’s firmware version is outdated. Although Sengled bulbs update their firmware automatically, the update may sometimes fail due to an error. So, you’ll need to check and update your bulb’s firmware manually.

How do you reset a Sengled smart light bulb?

  1. Turn the LED Light Bulb off and on ten times. Start in the off position.
  2. The LED Light Bulb will blink 5 times to indicate success.
  3. Now, try the pairing process again.

Why does my smart bulb keep going offline?

Smart lights are offline due to technological difficulties. These issues commonly include poor wi-fi signal strength, a power outage, or equipment failures. When smart lights will not come back online, do a factory reset. By doing so, it will allow the lights to reboot and reconnect to a device.

How do you know if a Sengled bulb is in pairing mode?

Tap on “Wi-Fi LEDs and Accessories”. Once you are sure you have a Sengled Smart Wi-Fi product, press “Confirm”. Power the Smart Wi-Fi bulb on. The bulb will blink, or flash, to indicate it is in pairing mode.

How long do Sengled smart bulbs last?

Even if you purchase an LED bulb from Sengled you are assured that you’ll have at the least 50,000 hours of life in it. Which is more than most companies in the market can offer. The Sengled Lifetime is our champion when it comes to long lasting LED lights though.

Why is my smart bulb not connecting?

The Smart Wi-Fi Light will not connect to a 5 GHz network. If your Smart Wi-Fi Light is already on the right frequency, make sure that your phone is not using a VPN app in the background. 2. Test your Wi-Fi network with other devices such as your phone to make sure it is operating properly and has strong coverage.

Why is my smart life light bulb not connecting?

Hold the reset button (or switch the bulb off and on for 3 times) until the indication LED (or lighting device) flashes SLOWLY (as shown in example) If the light is flashing quickly, reset again by holding the reset button for about 5 seconds or switching the light off and on 3 times.

How do I get my smart light back online?

  1. Ensure your Wi-Fi router is online and in range.
  2. Turn off the lights and wait thirty seconds to turn them back on.
  3. Reset the device your lights are connected to.
  4. Hard close the app being used to control the lights.
  5. Reset all of the smart bulbs in your home, even if some of them are working.

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