why am i getting black discharge instead of my period

ByMaksim L.

Oct 8, 2022

What does black period discharge mean?

Black. Black blood can appear at the beginning or end of a person’s period. The color is typically a sign of old blood or blood that has taken longer to leave the uterus and has had time to oxidize, first turning brown or dark red and then eventually becoming black.

Does black blood mean pregnancy?

Black blood may suggest implantation bleeding, which can happen as a sign of conception. So, if you notice black spotting and haven’t had a period, you may want to consider taking a pregnancy test. You may also notice black blood during your regular menstrual cycle, usually at the beginning or end of your period.

Is it OK to have a black period?

Seeing black period blood can be alarming, but like brown blood, it’s usually just old blood that’s lingered in your body too long. This is most likely to happen during low flow days at the start or end of your period.

Is black period blood OK?

Generally, small quantities of dark blood during a period is normal and does not indicate any health problems. especially if it occurs at the beginning or end of a period. However, it occurs frequently, it can be a sign of hormonal changes, uterine problems, stress or a sexually transmitted infection.

Does black period blood mean infertility?

Women who have very dark menstrual blood may have trouble conceiving and can be at risk for clotting issues that can harm the placenta during pregnancy. If a person has any further symptoms, they should consult a doctor.

Can a miscarriage be black?

In terms of color, miscarriage bleeding can range from red to brown to pink. Miscarriage blood clots are likely larger than ones you pass during your monthly period, and they might also contain fetal tissue.

What color of blood is pregnancy?

Not everyone will experience implantation bleeding, but for those who do, it’s usually one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. Implantation bleeding is usually light pink to dark brown.

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