why my airpod not charging

ByMaksim L.

Oct 5, 2022

What do I do if my AirPods wont charge?

  1. Check your connections. If you have AirPods or AirPods Pro, make sure that the Lightning to USB cable is firmly plugged into the charging case and USB power adapter. …
  2. Charge your AirPods. …
  3. Check the charge status.

Why is my AirPod case not charging when plugged in?

If your AirPod case is not charging, try swapping out the charging cables, charging pads, and power source. Check the charging status light when you plug the case into a power source. You might need to clean the case’s Lightning port or get it serviced by Apple.

How do you know if your AirPods are broken?

  1. How to Find Lost AirPods. …
  2. Solving Patchy Audio and Static Problems. …
  3. AirPods Keep Pausing and Playing Erratically. …
  4. Automatic Ear Detection Not Working. …
  5. AirPods Won’t Connect to Your iPhone. …
  6. AirPods Won’t Connect to Your Mac.

How do I test my AirPod batteries?

Open your case lid with your AirPods inside and hold your case close to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Wait a few seconds to see the charge status of your AirPods. You can also check the charge status of your AirPods with the Batteries widget on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Can you replace Batteries in AirPods?

We can replace your AirPods battery for a service fee. Our warranty doesn’t cover batteries that wear down from normal use. Your product is eligible for a battery replacement at no additional cost if you have AppleCare+ for Headphones and your product’s battery holds less than 80% of its original capacity.

How do I factory reset my AirPods?

Press and hold the Setup button for 15 seconds. The status light should change from flashing amber to white. Close the lid. Your AirPods are fully reset.

How long do AirPods take to charge from dead?

It can take a maximum of 30 minutes to fully charge a dead battery. It can quickly make your AirPods ready to use.

How many years do AirPods last?

AirPods typically last about 2-3 years before most users feel the need to replace them. This short lifespan is because of their lithium-ion batteries. AirPods have proven tough in several durability tests and have shown that they can withstand pressure.

How much does it cost to change AirPods battery?

AirPods battery service with Apple With Apple’s official battery service for worn-out AirPods, you’re looking at $49 for AirPods and AirPods Pro (per headphone), and the same rate goes for any of the AirPods charging cases. Meanwhile, AirPods Max battery service runs $79.

How much does it cost to repair AirPods?

Variant Replacement Earbuds Fee Replacement Case Fee
AirPods (1st, 2nd, & 3rd gen) $69 each $59 for a standard charging case, $79 for a wireless or MagSafe charging case
AirPods Pro $89 each $99

Why won’t my AirPods case light up?

If you see no light: Your AirPods and their case are dead and need to be charged. If you see an amber light and your AirPods are in their case: The AirPods are charging. If you see a green light and your AirPods are in their case: The AirPods are charged.

How do I restart my AirPods?

  1. Put your AirPods in their charging case, and close the lid.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Open the lid of your charging case.

Why is my AirPods case blinking orange?

Flashing amber/orange light: Your AirPods are experiencing a pairing error. No light: Either they are not in use or have run out of battery. Connect with your device to verify the status.

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