why is steph curry wearing purple shoes

ByMaksim L.

Oct 5, 2022

What are the purple shoes Steph Curry wears?

Throughout the Golden State Warriors’ championship run, the team was undefeated (5-0) when Stephen Curry wore his “Lilac” Under Armour Curry 4 FloTro sneakers. The purple shoes went viral after Curry’s 43-point, 10-rebound performance in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

What is Steph Curry’s newest shoe?

The All-NBA point guard used the opportunity to debut his tenth signature sneaker – the Curry 10.

Does Curry have his own shoe brand?

Currently at 2,918 made 3-point field goals, he’s just 56 from breaking Allen’s record of 2,973. Curry likes to credit the Flow technology that all of his Curry Brand footwear has incorporated since it was launched.

What shoes did Steph Curry wear in the 2022 NBA Finals?

Famously, the Curry 4 FloTro became Steph’s sneaker of choice during the 2022 NBA Playoffs as the Warriors went 6-0 when he was wearing the aptly nicknamed “Lucky Lilac” motif.

Why does Stephen Curry wear lavender shoes?

Those kicks were honoring the late Craig Sager, inspired by the colorful outfit Sager donned the last time he interviewed Curry. Stephen Curry is honoring NBA legend Craig Sager tonight, with special Curry 9 shoes inspired by the suit & tie that Sager wore during their final postgame interview in 2016.

What shoes did Curry wear last game?

Recent NBA Champion Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is no different. In Game Three of the 2022 NBA Finals, Curry wore custom #RetireInequality shoes designed by Dez Zambrano of DEZ Customz in partnership with Moe of Kreative Custom Kicks both based out of Maryland.

How rich is Stephen Curry?

Curry is one of the best basketball players in the world; known for being the best shooter and the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. Stephen Curry’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $160 Million As of 2022.

How much will curry 9 cost?

The Under Armour Curry Flow 9 “2974” releases on July 1, 2022, for $160 on CurryBrand.com and select retailers. For more sneaker news and release dates, keep it locked on Nice Kicks and our Sneaker Release Dates page.

Does Steph Curry own Under Armour?

Curry’s current $215 million deal with Under Armour runs through 2024, and it might extend for much longer. Similar to Nike with Michael Jordan, the booming contract reportedly will also include Curry receiving his own subsidiary brand.

How much does Curry own of under armor?

Curry has been an Under Armour athlete since 2013 and has a deal with the company until 2024, worth a reported US$20 million per year.

Who owns Curry brand?

In late 2020, Under Armour announced Steph’s own subsidiary, the Curry Brand, which is celebrating more championships and more milestones in an already eventful 2022. “This year, we launch Curry 10 in the fall,” Drew shared.

What does Steph Curry new logo mean?

Curry’s vision is for the logo to represent not just a signature series, but a fully immersive brand that is soon extending into multiple sports and product silos — emblematic of the impact he’s had on the game and away from the court.

What shoes does JA Morant wear?

  • Nike Kyrie Low 4 ‘1 World 1 People’ Ja Morant wearing the Nike Kyrie Low 4. …
  • Nike Kobe 6 Protro ‘Kay Yow Think Pink’ …
  • Nike Kobe 6 Protro ‘Memphis Blue PE’ …
  • Nike KD 4 ‘Scoring Title’

What does Curry wear on his ankles?

He set out to solve his ankle issues and began using the form-fitting Zamst A2-DX ankle brace, which he has used on both ankles. The brace is designed for a precise fit and prevents the ankle from rolling and his foot from sliding forward.

Will there be Curry 10?

Just ahead of the 2022-2023 NBA season we’re getting our first looks at the newest iteration of the line with the Under Armour Curry 10. Taking cues from the Curry 9, the silhouette is covered in a mesh-like material while the heel and toebox get fused overlays to reinforce the structure of the basketball-ready model.

What color are Steph Curry’s shoes?

Why did Steph switch to purple shoes? Well, in a post-game interview, Steph admitted via NBC Sports that the purple shoes “kick-started his state of mind.” “Just understand we’ve been here before,” Steph told the press.

What shoes does Jordan Poole wear?

Jordan Poole is an American guard on the Golden State Warriors and wears Nike Kobe 6 Protro shoes.

Who is Stephen Curry wife?

Ayesha Disa Curry is a Canadian-American actress, cookbook author, and cooking television personality and the wife of basketball player Stephen Curry. After guest roles in several television shows and movies, she began hosting her own show, Ayesha’s Homemade, on Food Network.

Why does Curry change his shoes?

And it may have something to do with him changing his sneakers. Curry was wearing sneakers to pay respect to Craig Sager, a legendary sports broadcaster. But Curry changed his shoes in the fourth quarter, and the new shoes served as a good luck charm for him and the Warriors.

Did Steph Curry change his shoes?

Curry admitted postgame that the purple shoes kick-started his state of mind when asked about switching them up. “Just understand we’ve been here before,” Curry lamented. “Whether we won or lost, the intentions of how we could give ourselves a chance in the fourth quarter was all we focused on and then got it done.

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