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Oct 5, 2022

Why is Nezuko nice?

1/10 She Helps Combat the Stigma Against Demons Throughout the series, Nezuko is one of the few demons who is friendly and docile. She goes to show not all demons are malicious and aggressive. Having once been human, she retains some of her emotions, as she has been seen to cry and smile.

Who is the love of Nezuko?

Zenitsu crushing on Nezuko. Upon seeing her for the first time, Zenitsu falls in love with Nezuko at first sight. She apparently views Zenitsu as a “weird dandelion” and did not initially seem to reciprocate his feelings. Although the two are rarely seen interacting together, Zenitsu treats her with affection and care.

Is Nezuko Kamado cute?

Nezuko might be a terrifying demon, but she’s also one of the cutest characters in anime. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Nezuko is the star of the Demon Slayer anime.

What is Nezuko personality?

Personality. Nezuko is a kind and caring girl that takes care of her family, often helping with chores around the home. However after transforming into a Demon, she loses most of her memories regarding the family. Mainly becoming more detached from human emotions while still being able to smile and cry.

Who is the cutest anime character ever?

  • The Cutest Anime Characters of All Time. By Rayan Sayyed. …
  • Mio Akiyama (K-on!) Mio is a shy girl, who is a talented bassist in her school’s band. …
  • Akamaru (Naruto) …
  • Ash’s Pikachu (Pok?mon) …
  • Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer) …
  • Eri (My Hero Academia) …
  • Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya-sama: Love is War) …
  • Anya Forger (Spy x Family)

What rank would Nezuko be?

Nezuko is at least stronger than Daki, meaning that if Muzan could bring her back under his control, she would certainly qualify for the most prestigious title a demon can hold: a member of the Twelve Kizuki. Thanks to Nezuko’s remarkable strength, she would have to be an Upper-Moon.

Who is Nezuko’s child?

In demon slayer, Toko Agatsuma is the grand-daughter of Nezuko Kamado and Zenitsu Agatsuma and the elder sibling of Yoshiteru Agatsuma.

What is Nezuko age?

When the series starts Nezuko is 12-years-old since she is one year younger than her brother. Between the first chapter and the end of chapter 5, time has gone and two years have passed. While stuck physically at age 12 because of the whole demon thing, Nezuko is 14 chronologically.

Who is Zenitsu lover?

Zenitsu Agatsuma’s love and relationship with Nezuko She is also a younger sister of our main hero Tanjiro Kamado. Nezuko has dark black long wavy hair with pink eyes. He always asks her to marry him and failed many times.

Can Nezuko go in the sun?

Apart from Tanjiro, the show centers on his younger sister Nezuko Kamado, turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji. Demons are incapable of walking out in broad daylight because the sunlight will burn them into the ashes. However, Nezuko has immunity against the sun, so she was given the name “The Chosen Demon”.

Why is Nezuko so tiny?

She was able to shrink herself into the physical size of a small child in order to fit inside a small box or a basket in order to hide from sunlight when traveling through during the daytime with Tanjiro and could enlarge herself into a much bigger form, in order to be able to battle against demons.

What is Nezuko English?

In Japanese, Nezuko’s given name is written ???, with each character corresponding to one syllable. The first character, ?, pronounced “ne,” is a relatively obscure word meaning “ancestral shrine” (via Nihongo Master) when in isolation.

How old is Nezuko 3?

Character Nezuko Kamado
Age 12 (14 by episode 3)
Birthday December 28th
Height 5’02” / 153 cm

Who is Nezuko shipped with?

ZenNezu is the het ship between Zenitsu Agatsuma and Nezuko Kamado from the Demon Slayer fandom.

Who is Nezuko’s favorite Hashira?

14/15 She Has A Really Sweet Relationship With The Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji. In the manga, Nezuko gets to know the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji and looks up to her like an older sister, which makes their relationship interesting since Nezuko usually sees female humans as either a surrogate mother or a young sister.

Who is the prettiest girl in anime?

  • Hinata Hyuga: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden.
  • Boa Hancock: One Piece. …
  • Kuronuma Sawako: Kimi ni Todoke. …
  • Inori Yuzuriha: Guilty Crown. …
  • Chitoge Kirisaki: Nisekoi. …
  • Inoue Orihime: Bleach. …
  • Kaga Kouko: Golden Time. …
  • Asuna Yuuki: Sword Art Online. …

Who is the coolest anime girl?

  • 6/10 Nobara Kugisaki: Jujutsu Kaisen.
  • 5/10 Mai Sakurajima: Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai.
  • 4/10 Violet Evergarden: Violet Evergarden.
  • 3/10 Mikasa Ackerman: Attack On Titan.
  • 2/10 Shinobu Kocho: Demon Slayer.
  • 1/10 Nezuko Kamado: Demon Slayer.

What is the hottest anime character?

  • Tsunade Senju.
  • Faye Valentine.
  • Merlin.
  • Tier Harribel.
  • Nami.
  • Lust.
  • Rangiku Matsumoto.
  • Boa Hancock.

Who is the best girl in Demon Slayer?

1. Nezuko. At the top of the list of the 20 top female characters from Demon Slayer is Nezuko, my favorite female character. We’ve written a full post about Nezuko here but, in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, she serves as the deuteragonist, the second most important character.

Why is Nezuko not talking?

Most importantly, Nezuko upholds a vow of silence by remaining mute throughout the series. The muzzle serves as a representation of Buddhist practices. First, it gags Nezuko, preventing her from speaking like a Buddhist monk’s vow of silence, but it also is there to suppress her desire to eat humans.

Is Nezuko the most popular Waifu?

Nezuko Becomes The Most Popular Waifu of 2021 – 9 Tailed Kitsune.

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