why is grady powell hosting forged in fire

ByMaksim L.

Oct 5, 2022

Why is there a new host of Forged in Fire?

The response from fans was controversial, with some asking to bring the old host back. However, there was a reason behind Wil Willis leaving Forged in Fire. In March 2020, he and his wife welcomed a son, so he is currently spending time with his family.

Why is J Neilson not on Forged in Fire?

During Season 3, fans worried that J. had decided to leave the show when he was missing from the judges’ panel. Thankfully, J. returned after taking a leave of absence to have surgery on his hand, with fellow ABS Master Smith Jason Knight standing in for him while he recovered.

What happened to the Forged in Fire announcer?

Wil Willis, the host of Forged in Fire has been the face of the show for over seven seasons. Willis abruptly left his hosting duties and will not be returning to the show for its newest season. He was replaced by former US Army Green Beret Grady Powell.

What does Forged in Fire do with the weapons?

However, Reality Blurred reports differently. According to their outlet, eliminated contestants must lay down their weapons on the judges’ table before leaving, but production only holds on to the weapons up until the episode is aired. After that point, contestants receive those weapons back, they write.

Is Ben leaving Forged in Fire?

It turns out, he needed to take a leave of absence to have surgery on his hand, and fellow ABS Master Smith Jason Knight stood in for him while he recovered. The contestants are given specific instructions to forge historical edged weapons, and the one that succeeds in impressing the judges wins $10,000.

Who is the new man hosting Forged in Fire?

Grady Powell is the new host of Forged in Fire Before taking over hosting duties on “Forged in Fire,” Powell had a robust amount of experience in reality television, including credits on shows such as “American Grit,” “Ultimate Survival Alaska,” “Dual Survival,” and “Stars Earn Stripes” (via IMDb).

Do Forged in Fire losers get paid?

As one Redditor believes, contestants likely don’t have to worry about food, lodging, and their flights to New York and back — as these are all taken care of. There’s a chance, however, that the contestants who end up losing receive no monetary compensation for their efforts.

What happens to the animal carcasses on Forged in Fire?

Robert from the 100th Forged in Fire episode seemingly commented on a Reddit post, confirming, “The meat gets donated to places, typically not for human consumption. Instead, wildlife reservations and things like that get the meat in order to keep it from going to waste.”

Does Forged in Fire waste the meat?

“It just depends on what’s on the menu that day, because it’s quite possible that it can end up on a grill right next to set,” Goldberg told GameSpot. “Most of the time, the fish does not go to waste, whether it be cleaned up and sushied or put on the grill. We try not to waste anything on that show.”

Who is the new host of Forged in Fire season 8?

Forged in Fire returns with a new series and a new presenter in Grady Powell who replaces Will Willis. While the host has changed, edged weapon combat specialist Doug Marcaida and Mastersmith J. Neilson return to put the bladesmiths through their paces.

Who is the new host of Forged in Fire Season 9?

Grady Powell is a well know American television star and presenter. A report in Reality Tit-Bit states that the 33-year-old has a history that makes him quite the fit to be the Forged in Fire new host.

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