why isn’t my ps4 controller working on call of duty mobile

ByMaksim L.

Oct 4, 2022

Why is my ps4 controller not working in CoD: Mobile?

To fix Call of Duty: Mobile controller not working, users should: Disconnect then reconnect the controller. Ensure the controller that is being used has enough charge in the battery. Should the controller not have enough battery the game will not be able to detect it.

How do I get my ps4 controller to work on CoD: Mobile?

To play COD Mobile with a PS5 or Xbox One controller, simply connect them via Bluetooth to your Android or iOS device. The process just takes a few seconds, regardless of whether you’re connecting to a phone or tablet.

Does a ps4 controller work on CoD: Mobile?

Presently, fans can enjoy CoD: Mobile only with an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller. All PS4 controllers are supported except the first-generation controllers. Activision has said that players using any other controller may have issues with functionality.

How do I enable Controller Support on CoD: Mobile?

‘ Hold down the PS & Share button on your PlayStation controller, or the connect button on your Xbox controller. Once the controller LED starts flashing, select it from the list on your Android phone. Once connected in your settings, open CoD: Mobile and test your controller.

What controllers are compatible with COD Mobile?

Here’s everything you need to know about using a controller in Call of Duty: Mobile. As of launch, only official DUALSHOCK®4 PlayStation® 4 and official Xbox One controllers can be used to play Call of Duty: Mobile. All versions of official PS4 controllers except first generation controllers are supported.

How do you update a PS4 controller?

Use a USB cable to connect your controller to your Windows PC, and then follow the on-screen instructions to start the update. Don’t turn off your Windows PC or disconnect the USB cable during the update. When the update is complete, a message appears. Select [OK] to finish the process.

What version of PS4 controller do I have?

How to find DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller model number. The model number can be found on the back of the wireless controller, above the bar code. The model can be up to 12 alphanumeric characters.

How do you reset a PS4 controller?

Highlight the controller you want to reset, press the Options button, then select Forget Device. For a hard reset, use a straightened paperclip to press the button inside the small hole on the back of the controller for five seconds.

How do you pair a PS4 controller?

  1. Turn on the PS4 with the button on the PlayStation 4.
  2. Press the PlayStation button on your controller for a few seconds. …
  3. Select ‘Devices’ and click ‘Bluetooth devices’.
  4. Select your new controller and follow the instructions on the screen.

What is the best settings for CoD Mobile?

  • Third person sensitivity: 80.
  • FPP view turning sensitivity: 65.
  • Optics: 90.
  • Tactic scope sensitivity: 80.
  • 3x tactical scope: 60.
  • 4x tactical scope: 50.
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: 45.

Is CoD Mobile better with controller?

Playing CoD Mobile on a smartphone with virtual controls is not very convenient. Because you need to run, aim and shoot at the same time. It is much easier to fight with a mobile controller because hardware controls are just simply easier to use than touchscreens for an FPS.

What is fixed joystick COD Mobile?

Fixed Joystick – Enabling this will lock the Joystick to one location on screen, instead of having it move when pressing the left side of the screen. · Gyroscope – When turned on, all aiming and look controls will be defined by how you move your phone.

Can you use a wired controller on COD Mobile?

Even on it’s own, COD Mobile is a lot of fun, and plenty of players use that version exclusively. If a COD player isn’t on the go and they want to slow down and up their game on COD Mobile, one way to do that is to make use of a controller. With the right options, that can be done through bluetooth or a wired option.

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