why does william afton hate michael afton

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Oct 4, 2022

Is Michael Afton a good guy?

Michael’s personality is unknown, but from the minigames of Sister Location, it is shown that Michael is well known in his neighborhood, which suggests that he is a very friendly and popular guy.

What did Michael Afton do to his brother?

In 1983, Michael begins to bully his little brother, jumping out and scaring him while wearing a Foxy mask. During Evan’s birthday party, Michael and his friends decided to pull a prank on Evan. They shoved his head into the mouth of the Fredbear animatronic, which bit down on Evan’s head, crushing his skull.

What is William Afton biggest fear?

It is heavily suggested that William’s greatest fear above all is death. This is shown in one of the Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 minigames, where he cowers in fear while facing the vengeful ghosts of his victims, explaining why he refused to pass on after his death and became Springtrap to begin with.

Why did Michael Afton turn purple?

After being reanimated and becoming a living corpse, he appears to be physically dark purple, due to his skin rotting.

Is Gregory the Crying Child?

Gregory is the second child in the franchise to be the main protagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. The first is the Crying Child who was the main protagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4.

What is the Crying Child’s real name?

Deviation Actions. Yesterday, I was very shocked that someone found the name for the Bite Victim/Crying Child from FNaF 4. The name of the Bite Victim/Crying Child is Evan.

Why does William abuse Michael?

However, even before the death of Joseph, William thought of Michael as someone not worth his time due to being a troublesome kid, viewing him as a failure. After Joseph’s death, William began to emotionally abuse Michael, constantly screaming and shouting at him.

Is Golden Freddy Crying Child?

He is theorized to possess Golden Freddy (either alone or along with Cassidy) and is also thought to be Shadow Freddy. He has the first onscreen death of a main character.

Is Michael Afton the bite victim?

The bite victim (AKA Crying Child,) is the son of William Afton . His brother is Michael Afton , sister is Elizabeth Afton , and mother is Mrs. Afton . He was the child stuffed into Fredbear’s mouth, with his Frontal lobe going missing.

Who did the bite of 87?

The Bite of ’87 was an incident that occurred in 1987 at the New Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, during the last shift of Jeremy Fitzgerald, when he was bitten by Toy Bonnie in the forehead, drastically damaging the frontal lobe.

What age is William Afton?

That is, William was born in 1938 and left after the war in 1945 with his seven years, the same age of the children killed on June 26. So William had Michael when he was thirty-five, and in Sister Location he is 60 years old.

Is William Afton mentally ill?

William Afton suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder. For those of you who don’t know, Antisocial Personality Disorder(or ASPD) is a kind of mental health disorder where the person who suffers from it tends to lie, break laws, and has no regards for their safety nor the safety of others.

Was there a bite of 83?

There were two bites, The bite of ’83 and the bite of ’87. The bite of ’83 took place in Fredbear’s family diner, during fnaf 4. The animatronic who took the bite was Fredbear and the victim was the crying child, the schild died a few days after the accident.

Who is Michael Afton’s wife?

Michael Afton married Mary Estelle Grogan.

Who is William Afton’s girlfriend?

Elizabeth Afton | Five Nights At Freddy’s Wiki | Fandom.

Who is the Crying Child in FNaF?

The Crying Child is the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy’s 4’s end of night minigames. He is the victim of the Chomp/Bite of ’83. His father is William Afton.

Why does Ennard call Michael eggs?

“Eggs Benedict”, or simply Michael Afton, is supposedly the night guard of Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental. The name “Eggs Benedict” was given to him due to a malfunction of Hand-unit’s auto-correction. He gets kidnapped on his fourth night, and on the fifth he gets scooped, courtesy of Circus Baby and Ennard.

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