why did taylor swift release taylor’s version

ByMaksim L.

Oct 4, 2022

Why is Taylor Swift releasing her own versions?

Swift is re-recording her earlier albums because this will allow her to own their masters — that is, the songs’ original recordings. Owning her masters means Swift can control the way those particular versions of the songs are used, like granting permission for the music to appear in advertising.

Why is Taylor remaking her albums?

The short answer — she’s reclaiming her work. Swift doesn’t own the master recordings of any of the songs on her albums released before her 2019 album, “Lover,” according to a report from CNN. This was due to the contract with her previous record label, Big Machine Records which was purchased by Scooter Braun in 2019.

Why is Taylor’s version difference?

In Taylor’s version of, “Everything Has Changed” her vocals are slightly stronger and crisper while the background instrumentals sound roughly the same there are slightly different from the original song. By producing these altered songs she is essentially releasing a brand new song that she now has full rights over.

How is Taylor Swift able to re-record her music?

This is why in a move possibly unprecedented by Ithaca Holdings and Shamrock Holdings, Swift was able to block the use of her songs on all projects which required a “synchronisation license.” This license is also the reason why Swift is legally permitted to re-record her masters without being sued for infringement of …

Why did Taylor Swift take her music off Spotify?

A month later, in November 2014, Swift pulled her entire catalog from Spotify as an act of protest against the service’s ad-funded ‘free’ tier – specifically, the fact that artists (at this time) couldn’t chose to only release their music on Spotify’s paid for Premium offering.

What did Scooter do to Taylor?

Scooter acquired Taylor’s masters in 2019 and sold it for $300 million to a private equity company in 2020. The masters were acquired when Scooter bought Taylor’s former label, Big Machine records. The acquisition does not allow Taylor the creative freedom of owning her own songs.

Why did Taylor Swift re-record red?

The album itself is a decade old, but she re-recorded the entire thing–plus tracks that were never released. It’s the second album Swift has re-recorded in an effort to own her music after a drawn-out dispute with her former label.

Why didnt Taylor Swift attend the Grammys?

There’s speculation that she didn’t want to make a huge deal over her one nomination. Others said that as the show was in Las Vegas, perhaps she didn’t want to take a flight or was attempting to keep things low-key.

What happened between Taylor and Apple music?

Swift won her feud with Apple Music because she wanted something very specific, and she took issue with a business practice that was blatantly unfair. Her feud with Spotify was never a feud with Spotify at all — it was a feud with the entire industry, the changing landscape, and the way fans expect to access music now.

Who is the most streamed artist on Spotify?

Position Artist Spotify Streams
1 Drake 49.8 billion
2 Bad Bunny 43.9 billion
3 Ed Sheeran 37.8 billion
4 The Weeknd 34.4 billion

Is Taylor Swift married to Joe Alwyn?

The rumours of Swift and Alwyn’s engagement were sparked when they took a romantic holiday to Cornwall in January 2022. A source close to Alwyn has revealed that they are engaged and will be married in 18 months. According to an unnamed source, the couple are overjoyed and deeply in love.

Why is Taylor Swift getting a doctorate?

The university said it awarded Swift the degree because she is “one of the most prolific and celebrated artists of her generation.” Past recipients of honorary doctorates from NYU include the likes of Aretha Franklin, former president Bill Clinton, and civil rights leader John Lewis.

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