why are valve index controllers so expensive

ByMaksim L.

Oct 4, 2022

Is the Valve Index really worth it?

Through a VR headset you can experience all these things – and the Valve Index is the best device to do it with. Thanks to its advanced screen technology, finger-tracking controllers, and accurate motion tracking stations, the Valve Index is the most comprehensive VR package you can currently have in your home.

What’s better Quest 2 or Valve Index?

The Oculus Quest 2 has significantly improved resolution per eye over the Valve Index, but the Index has a wider field of view. The resolution makes a big difference when it comes to visual quality, but a wider field of view increases the overall immersion of the experience.

Is Valve Index profitable?

Even so the headset has managed to earn enough revenue to place it among the 10 highest grossing products on Steam for 50 weeks running, nearly an entire year. That tracks with the headset’s clear success versus other headsets on Steam.

Can you buy just one Valve Index controller?

Valve Index Base Station Valve Index® purchases are limited to one per customer.

Can VR lose weight?

VR workout and VR fitness exercises are effective ways to enjoy exercising and ultimately lose weight. Recently, a German Lady reported having lost 40 pounds by playing a simple VR boxing game that helped her lose up to 1,000 calories per day.

How long does the index controller last?

Valve Index Controllers affiliate links
Battery Capacity 1100 mAh
Battery Life 7 hours
Charge Time
Connectivity USB Type-C For charging

What VR has the best resolution?

The HP Reverb G2 is a super comfy VR headset, with built-in headphones and the highest resolution on this list, with a total combined resolution of 4,320 x 2,160.

Can you use Valve Index sitting down?

This is all very painless as long as you have the recommended amount of room (2m x 1.5m/6.5ft x 5ft) and can put your PC and VR headset near your Base Stations. However, the Valve Index also supports seated and standing play, and adapts to smaller playspaces with ease.

Is Vive valve better than index?

Those would be the deciding factors for me with these headsets (I own both of them). The Valve Index is better looking (headset design), has a better audio solution, wider field of view (FOV) (which I don’t really pay that much attention too while in VR, honestly) has a better microphone and better controllers…

Is Valve Making an index 2?

Valve is gearing up to release the Valve Index 2 codenamed Deckard, the next generation of the all-around great Valve Index PC VR headset.

Did Half-Life: Alyx make a profit?

Here’s roughly how much Alyx has made so far: Direct purchases of Half-Life: Alyx generated $40.7M in revenue, and hundreds of thousands of free copies of the game were also bundled with devices like the Valve Index headset to boost interest in VR.

How many Valve Index has been sold?

It sold an estimated 149,000 sets in 2019, 103,000 of which were in the fourth quarter due to the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, which buyers received for free. The sudden demand caused the unit to be sold out in all 31 countries except Japan in January 2020.

What VR has finger tracking?

Traditional VR controllers like the Oculus Touch or the VIVE controllers allow the user to interact with virtual content by pressing buttons and pulling triggers.

How do index controllers track fingers?

Each controller uses 87 sensors to track hand position, finger position, motion, and pressure to determine user intent. All of these signals, combined with fine-tuned software and algorithms, give us a better understanding of how a player is holding and using the controllers.

Can you use index without Base Stations?

you need a base station, otherwise you would be experiencing the same thing as nvidia’s 3d vision with a lower resolution monitor, at a MUCH higher cost.

What VR game burns the most calories?

Rank Game Calories Burned per Minute
1 Audioshield Modded 10.66 to 11.85
2 Thrill of the Fight 9.74 to 15.32
3 PowerBeatsVR 7.72 to 8.59
4 Knockout League 7.54 to 8.33

Can VR get you in shape?

Yes, data shows virtual reality workouts can burn just as many calories as other workouts. Plus, some games make you forget you’re even working out. Can video games be a workout? Yes, experts say, and virtual reality (VR) technology is ushering in a whole new way to exercise.

Can virtual reality make you sick?

Why is it that people suffer from motion sickness in VR? Plenty of users have reported that while testing out the revolutionary technology for the first time, even if they’re someone that doesn’t traditionally get motion sick, they can find themselves feeling overwhelmingly nauseous after only a short session.

Is VR worth it in 2022?

VR in 2022 remains an impressive but still limited proposition. Thanks to tremendous advancements in the visuals, tracking and overall performance of VR hardware, the best VR headset options have become more realistic and immersive.

Is Valve Index worth the price Reddit?

Here are the main advantages that still make Valve Index a good headset for its price: Unparalleled tracking. Valve tracking system is still considered the best on the market in terms of accuracy and versatility. High comfort.

Is the HP reverb G2 better than the index?

The HP Reverb G2 has, with a resolution of 2160 px x 2160 px per eye, the highest image resolution compared to both the Valve Index and Oculus Rift S. The Valve Index comes second in the comparison in terms of resolution, with a resolution 1600px x 1440px per eye.

What games can you play on Valve Index?

Valve Index/Video games

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