why is aliexpress not working

ByMaksim L.

Oct 2, 2022

Is AliExpress currently down?

Aliexpress.com is UP and reachable by us.

What happened AliExpress app?

In another blow to Chinese apps functioning in India, the government has banned 43 more apps in the country, including the popular online retail portal AliExpress, belonging to Jack Ma-owned e-commerce giant Alibaba Group.

Why does AliExpress keep saying payment failed?

Insufficient funds in card or account of payment. Please top up your account for payment again or use another card/method instead. Rejected by bank or financial institution, only from whom the detailed reason for rejection can be confirmed.

Why is AliExpress not working in India?

Is AliExpress Available in India? Currently, AliExpress is not available in India and is not delivering here as well. After the India andChina situation, the Government banned many Chinese mobile apps, amongst the AliExpress is one of them. Therefore, AliExpress is not available in India.

Why is my AliExpress account temporarily unavailable?

It sometimes happens. You could have accidentally deleted the account. In this case we suggest contacting AliExpress customer support service and ask to recover the account.

How legit is AliExpress?

It’s a legitimate e-commerce marketplace that connects third-party sellers to consumers. However, there are several reported incidents of sellers scamming buyers by sending counterfeit or unsatisfactory products. For those instances, AliExpress has a Buyer Protection program that can help you get your money back.

What is an alternative to AliExpress?

DHGate is a market place just like AliExpress. It has sellers from the Far East offering manufactured products directly to the consumers. It is a highly popular AliExpress alternative and used by many dropshippers. Both DHGate and AliExpress offer the same products so you can compare prices to get the most profit.

Is AliExpress and Alibaba the same?

The main difference between Alibaba and AliExpress is that each site was created for different types of customers. Alibaba is designed explicitly for B2B transactions. Conversely, AliExpress was created to serve individual customers.

Can Americans use AliExpress?

The good news is that it’s possible! Your business model doesn’t have to be tied down to China. Many AliExpress sellers have warehouses in the USA and European countries. So, you can cut down your delivery time and ship the products to your customers right from the United States, Spain, France and other countries.

Why is AliExpress not accepting my debit card?

Please double check if you have input correct information of card for payment. If you got error after double checking, please pay through another card/method instead. Due to security reason, card verification(appeal) is required. Please click “Claim on Alipay” button or click to submit document directly.

Can I use debit card for AliExpress?

AliExpress accepts many popular credit and debit cards, including ones from VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express. There are also several other cards accepted on AliExpress for payments linked to local entities (e.g., Diners Clubs). AliExpress also supports some virtual and prepaid cards.

What is error code CSC_7200053?

It may be that during the process of buying on AliExpress everything goes smoothly, however, when making the payment, we are shown the error with the code: CSC_7200053. In general, this error is related to the discount coupons that AliExpress and its sellers/stores offer to their users.

Is AliExpress available in India 2022?

Does AliExpress Ship To India? No, AliExpress does not ship to India, but I’ve designed a process for getting any AliExpress order shipped to India with zero headaches. It involves using Anytime Mailbox, which gives you a unique mailbox in China that will accept your AliExpress order and forward it on to you in India.

Can I still order from AliExpress in India?

No. Aliexpress does not ship to India after ban.

Does Alibaba ship to India 2022?

Does Alibaba Ship To India? No, Alibaba does not ship to India, but I’ve designed a process for getting any Alibaba order shipped to India with zero headaches. It involves using a package forwarder: a warehouse in the United States that will accept your Alibaba order and forward it on to you in India.

How do I reactivate my AliExpress app?

Enabling steps: When you log on to the AliExpress app for the first time, tap Register to register an AliExpress account, sign an agreement with Alipay EU, and enable your Alipay EU account.

Can I have multiple AliExpress accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple Aliexpress accounts. However, each account must have a unique phone number and email address. You cannot have duplicate phone numbers or email addresses associated with your Aliexpress accounts.

Did AliExpress stop taking PayPal?

Buyers can only use PayPal on AliExpress if the suppliers offer it as one of the payment methods. Yet, PayPal is a reputable payment processing technology, so it’s no wonder that others would prefer to use it.

Is there an AliExpress in UK?

Is AliExpress available in UK? Yes! AliExpress is global and you can shop from anywhere.

Is AliExpress in Australia?

AliExpress is an online retailer based in China, but which sells to international customers including those based in Australia. If you’ve ever used the site before, you’ll know that it has a jaw-dropping number and variety of products – in short, it sells pretty much everything.

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