why do cats lose hair above eyes

ByMaksim L.

Oct 2, 2022

Why is my cat losing hair around its eye?

Facial alopecia, or preauricular alopecia, is one of the most common causes of hair loss in cats. Although it may seem worrisome, the thinning of fur around your kitty’s eyes is a normal part of the aging process.

Why does my cat have two bald spots above eyes?

By far the most common cause of a bald patch on your cat’s fur is fleas or other external parasites. This is especially common on your cat’s lower back and tail. Hair loss usually occurs when your cat has an allergic reaction to the fleas saliva causing them to overgroom.

Why does my cat have a bald spot on her face?

Parasites such as mites or fleas are the most common cause of bald patches on cats. Usually, the problem is caused by your cat suffering a reaction to the saliva of the flea and a localised reaction occurs, particularly on the back, towards the tail.

How can u tell if a cat has ringworm?

The clearest and most common clinical signs of feline ringworm include the following: circular areas of hair loss, broken and stubbly hair, scaling or crusty skin, alterations in hair or skin color, inflamed areas of skin, excessive grooming and scratching, infected claws or nail beds, and dandruff.

How can I treat my cats hair loss?

  1. Anti-fungal treatment. Your vet will be able to recommend flea control products or an anti-fungal treatment for hair loss in cats if they discover parasites or ringworm.
  2. Diet plan to avoid allergies. …
  3. Plan to reduce stress. …
  4. Identifying the sore spot.

Why do black cats look like they are balding?

Black cats have a reputation for getting more bald spots than other cats, but it’s really an optical illusion: we notice the spots more because the cat is black. That being said, cats get bald spots for many reasons, from fleas to parasites. If your black cat has a bald spot, ask your vet why!

Do cats have less hair above their eyes?

For many cats, a slight thinning above the eyes is normal. This is especially the case with black cats or those with darker hair in this area. The reason is because the contrast between the dark hair and the light skin underneath is more stark.

Should I take my cat to the vet for hair loss?

“Generally, if we can reverse the cause, then we can get the hair to grow back,” Dr. Hayworth says. “This is especially true with over-grooming related to allergies. So, if you notice hair loss in your cat, it is definitely worth a trip to the doctor.”

Do cats lose hair when stressed?

Understanding your cat’s emotional state is the first step to avoid problems. * Excessive shedding: Cats in stressful situations will often have a normal physiologic response of excessive shedding. A cats muscles tense during times of stress and the follicles of some hairs, referred to as telogen hairs, are released.

Can cats get ringworm in their eyes?

Ringworm is a fungal infection that can cause inflammation and irritation of the eyelids, which can secondarily lead to conjunctivitis and eye discharge.

Does blepharitis in cats go away?

For many cats with blepharitis, the underlying condition can be controlled with medical management but it often cannot be cured.

Is it ringworm or something else cat?

Hair Loss, Damage, or Discoloration Since the fungi that cause ringworm feed on dead hair, skin, and nail tissues, hair loss is a major warning sign of ringworm in cats. You may find small, medium, or large bald patches on your cat. The bald patches may be circular and reveal round sores on the skin.

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