why can’t i log into my mihoyo account

ByMaksim L.

Oct 2, 2022

How do I recover my HoYoverse account?

Go to the Account Retrieval page from the bottom right of the Honkai Impact 3rd login screen to select the login method of your original account, and then follow the guide to link your HoYoverse Account and retrieve the original account.

Why am I logged out of my Genshin account?

Most obviously, you can be locked out if you enter the wrong credentials too many times. However, in this situation, you should be able to reset your password. Unless, when you registered your account, you failed to link it to an email address that you still have access to.

Why does my Genshin say account or password error?

If you are seeing an error message when logging in to Genshin Impact, then it is possible that you are not giving the correct account credentials. Try changing your password to ensure that you are entering the right details while logging in.

Why can’t I get into Genshin Impact?

Make sure you are running the game as an administrator. Right-click on the tile on your desktop, then click Run as Administrator. Make sure your anti-virus software is not blocking the game, by adding Genshin Impact to the whitelist. Terminate any unnecessary apps that are running in the background.

Does Genshin delete inactive accounts?

Main point is, your Genshin account won’t get deleted. You just won’t be able to access it. If you’d like, you can always unlink and relink to a new or preferred email.

Can you log into Genshin Impact with your UID?

They can then link that UID and account to an email or username, creating a new miHoYo account in the process. You’re then set and should also be able to, say, use that account to go between the mobile and PC versions. This is a critical feature, because Genshin Impact account linking can have bearing on data transfer.

What happens if I delete my miHoYo account?

After you’ve requested the deletion of your account, it’ll be permanently deleted after 30 days. During the 30 days, you can reactivate it on the miHoYo website. If you didn’t reactivate it after 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted and you won’t be able to retrieve it.

Why does Genshin fail to connect to server?

Most of the time the error is caused by a lost internet connection or a small glitch. In most cases, you usually just need to close and relaunch the game for it to work. There haven’t been any reports of PlayStation users permanently experiencing this issue.

Should I restart my Genshin Impact account?

Should you reroll in Genshin Impact? Given that you are not 100% happy with your Wish results, the answer to this question mainly depends on how far you are in the game. Rerolling means starting all over again, so you should definitely think twice before giving up your current progress in favor of a new account.

Why can’t I log into my Genshin account using Twitter?

Certain Travelers are currently unable to login to the game due to an issue with Twitter. We will notify users as soon as the connection is fixed, so please check your in-game announcements, the official Twitter, and the latest information on the official website.

How do I complain to miHoYo?

Contact honkai3rd_global@hoyoverse.com for general inquiries. This email address can be used even if you do not have an account or cannot log into your account or run the game. This will allow you to get support right away for the game.

How long will Genshin be down?

When does Genshin Maintenance End? Genshin Maintenance usually ends 5 hours after it begins. The next maintenance will end around 10PM UTC-5 on August 23, 2022. If it goes past the usual maintenance time, players get 60 Primogem bonus for every hour it’s late.

What is error code 4206 Genshin Impact?

Error code 4206 appears when people are trying to log in to Genshin Impact. It’s the standard code to denote an issue with the connection to the servers. That’s because even if you’re playing on your own, Genshin Impact is an always-online game.

How long does it take to get Genshin account back?

You will receive a follow up within 10 days of form submission, do not panic. Make sure you check your spam/junk folder every now and then when waiting for a response. Do not disclose your personal information on “help groups” or forums that promise to help you get your account back.

How long does it take for miHoYo to delete account?

The Genshin Impact support team should perform the Mihoyo account delete within 30-60 days.

What happens if I delete Genshin?

Conclusion. In conclusion, uninstalling the Genshin Impact app will not cause you to lose all your game data or progress. The data is linked to your Genshin Impact account and the game servers, not the app. Therefore, uninstalling the app should have no impact on your game data.

How do I unlink Genshin Impact email?

Send an email to genshin_cs@mihoyo.com with a subject line of PSN Account Unlink Request. This MUST be your subject line to receive the automated response. In the body of the email, be clear you are submitting a request to unlink your PSN account. Something like “Hello!

How can I recover my Genshin account?

To recover your Genshin Impact account, you need to email Genshin Impact support. Then, they’ll send you an account retrieval link to prove your account ownership via email. In the account retrieval form, you’ll be given a bunch of questions to prove your account ownership.

What happens if you delete your HoYoverse account?

You acknowledge and agree that as a result of deleting your HoYoverse Account, you will lose access to game related services, including the account information, subscriptions and game-related information linked to such HoYoverse Account and lose the possibility to access other services through the HoYoverse Account.

How do I contact HoYoverse Genshin?

Inquiring about Genshin Impact. Contact genshin_cs@hoyoverse.com for general inquiries. This email address can be used even if you do not have an account or cannot log into your account or run the game. This will allow you to get support right away for the game.

How do I link my HoYoverse account to my Google account?

  1. Log in to the game. …
  2. In Paimon Menu, Open Settings.
  3. In Setting’s dropdown, click on Account and then User Center.
  4. If you haven’t linked any account then you can see an option to link, on the left side.

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