why chrome download is pending

ByMaksim L.

Sep 26, 2022

How do I fix pending downloads on Chrome?

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go into Apps.
  3. Find the Google Play Store app under See all apps.
  4. Tap on Storage & cache.
  5. Hit Clear Cache.
  6. You can also select Clear storage for a clean start.

How do I fix pending downloads?

Clear cache and data Clearing junk and cache on your Android device could largely resolve issues, including download errors. Step 1: To clear cache, go to ‘Settings’ on your device. Step 2: Locate ‘Google Play Store’ under ‘All Apps’ section and click on ‘Storage’. Step 3: Now, you can clear the cache and data.

Why are my downloads pending?

Google Play, like all mobile apps, has its issues. One of the most common problems you can face when using this app is the download pending issue. The causes of this error include downloading the updates for too many apps at once, low phone storage, poor internet connection, and others.

Why is Chrome not downloading my downloads?

To fix the error: First, remove the unwanted software. Then, try to install the app, extension, or theme again. If you still can’t install the app, extension, or theme, reinstall Chrome.

Why do my apps say download pending?

The apps remain as pending downloads while they wait for enough space. To check how much space you have left, do the following: Go to “Settings.” Scroll down and press the “Storage” button.

Why are my updates pending?

For some, the issue may pop up because of their app download preference, or their phone storage ran out of memory. For others, internet connection issues, unfinished Google account setup, older Android firmware, or Play Store version are the culprit for the “Play Store download pending” error.

Why are my apps not downloading?

Open Settings > Apps & Notifications > See all apps and navigate to the Google Play Store’s App Info page. Tap on Force Stop and check if the issue gets resolved. If not, click on Clear Cache and Clear Data, then re-open the Play Store and try the download again.

Why can’t I download apps anymore?

Clear the Play Store’s cache and data Clearing the app store’s cache and data might fix the problem. Most people don’t clear the Play Store’s cache and data regularly, but it’s worth a shot if you’re having trouble getting apps to download on your device.

Can’t download any apps?

  1. Check that you have a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
  2. Check your storage space.
  3. Check for Android system updates.
  4. Check if the app is available for your device.
  5. Uninstall & reinstall the app.
  6. Close & reopen the Play Store.
  7. Uninstall & reinstall Play Store updates.
  8. Restart your device.

Why do some downloads take so long?

Answer: There are various reasons that affect the downloading of files in a system. Some common reasons are slow internet speed, excessive cache memory, hardware issues, and modem firmware errors.

Why are apps not downloading on Google Play?

Update Your Device Installing the latest Android update can fix issues stopping Play Store from processing app downloads and updates. Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update to check if there’s a software update available for your device.

How do I install pending updates in Windows 10?

  1. Press Win + R together to open the Run window.
  2. Type services. …
  3. Scroll down and locate Windows Update.
  4. Do a right-click and select Properties.
  5. Under Service status, select Stop. …
  6. Wait for at least five seconds and select Start.
  7. Select Automatic from the Startup Type Dropdown box.

Why are files not downloading?

The problem could be due to the path to default Chrome download location (Downloads Folder) becoming corrupted. Hence, change the download location to Desktop and try to download the file again. Open Chrome Browser > click on 3 dots Menu Icon and select Settings option in the drop-down menu.

How do I reset Google Chrome?

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More Settings. Advanced. On Chromebook, Linux, and Mac: Click Reset settings Restore settings to their original defaults. Reset settings. On Windows: Click Reset and cleanup Reset settings to their original defaults. Reset settings.

How do you clear your cache?

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Android browser: Go to Menu > More > Settings or Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security. Chrome: Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy.
  3. Android browser: Tap Clear cache, Clear history, and Clear all cookie data as appropriate.

What will happen if I clear data of Google Play Store?

Important: When you clear Google Play Services data or storage, it may delete some information saved to your device, including transit cards, COVID cards, and virtual payment cards saved to Google Pay. See all apps.

Why are apps pending on Chromebook?

If you happen to have ongoing downloads at the moment, the application that you’re trying to install will be pushed further back in the queue, thus the reason for the “Pending” status to appear.

How do I reinstall Google Play store?

  1. Update Automatically. …
  2. Enable Google Play Store. …
  3. Update Manually. …
  4. Install or Update Play Store Manually Using APK.

Why is my Chromebook Play Store stuck on pending?

The fix is to completely shut down/turn off your Chromebook > restart. This makes the syncing of your account reset and start up again. Your apps should start updating and installing. Signing out or closing the lid is not the same as shutting down completely.

Why Play Store is not downloading any app?

Check your storage space If your device is low on space, it can stop apps from downloading and installing. Your device may be low on space if: You get a notification about storage space. There’s less than 1 GB available on your device.

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