why put asterisks in a word

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Sep 24, 2022

What does a * mean after a word?

(?st?r?sk ) Word forms: asterisks. countable noun. An asterisk is the sign *. It is used especially to indicate that there is further information about something in another part of the text.

What does * mean before and after a word?

An asterisk is a symbol (*) used to mark printed or written text, typically as a reference to an annotation or to stand for omitted matter.

What does it mean to put something in asterisks?

When you’re writing something and need to add a quick footnote, an easy way to mark the place where you want to include the extra comment is to use an asterisk, a star-shaped symbol. An asterisk is a punctuation mark that you can use to note something in writing, or to stand in for something you’ve left out.

Why do people put * After words?

Asterisks are sometimes used in writing to censor offensive or inappropriate language. This usage is especially common in newswriting and television closed captioning. Typically, asterisks are substituted in for letters of objectionable words.

Do you put * before or after a word?

The asterisk goes before the dash, but after every other punctuation mark.

Where does the asterisk go when correcting a word?

Type the correct spelling of the word immediately after the asterisk. For example, if you entered “I cleaned the besement,” you would notice that you misspelled “basement.” On the next line, enter an asterisk and correct the spelling by entering “*basement.”

What is the purpose of the double asterisks?

The double asterisk is being used in two different contexts: It is used as a exponentiation operator in an arithmetic context. It is used as an extended file match globbing operator from Bash 4, meaning it matches filenames and directories recursively.

How do you end a sentence with an asterisk?

When an asterisk and a punctuation mark ( e.g. period, question mark, exclamation mark) appear at the end of a sentence, the asterisk follows the punctuation mark, with no space between them. For example: Melby states that this decision was sound.

What does star mean in texting?

The starred messages feature allows you to bookmark specific messages so you can quickly refer back to them later. Star a message. Tap and hold the message you want to star.

Does the * go before or after in text?

Within a text, an asterisk is typed directly after the final punctuation of the sentence it relates to, but before a dash.

Do you use * to correct?

Use to: Usages (with ‘Did’) The form considered correct following did, at least in American English, is use to. Just as we say “Did he want to?” instead of “Did he wanted to?,” so we say “Did he use to?” instead of “Did he used to?” Here again, only in writing does the difference become an issue.

Where do we use asterisk?

An asterisk is a star-shaped symbol (*) primarily used to call attention to a footnote, indicate an omission, point to disclaimers (which often appear in advertisements), and dress up company logos. An asterisk is also often placed in front of constructions that are ungrammatical.

What does ‘/’ mean in English?

countable noun. A forward slash is the sloping line ‘/’ that separates letters, words, or numbers.

What does /* mean in code?

In CSS /* marks the start of a comment, while */ marks its end. So everything between these two markers will be ignored by the CSS parser, but can be used to make the code more readable for a human being.

What does 🙂 mean after a sentence?

🙂 means “Happy.”

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