why is ticketmaster presale not working

ByMaksim L.

Sep 24, 2022

Why can I not access Ticketmaster presale?

If you are trying to find tickets and our site says tickets are “currently not available”, that means the presale allocation has sold. If you have any other queries regarding making a booking during a presale please refer to our presale troubleshooter.

Why is Ticketmaster code not working?

My promo code is not working. Ensure the Promo Code has not expired and that the terms of the offer are met. If everything checks out, it may be an Offer Passcode and not a Promo Code. Offer Passcodes are entered when you are selecting seats, before you checkout. Learn More about Offer Passcodes.

How do you get a Ticketmaster presale code?

  1. Open the Ticketmaster App and sign in to your account.
  2. Select the event.
  3. Tap Unlock.
  4. Enter your Offer Passcode and tap Unlock to apply.
  5. Select your seats and continue to checkout.

Why is Ticketmaster spinning?

If a popular event goes on sale, it can become very busy on our site before the start of the sale. To manage all that traffic in the right direction, a temporary queue is being set up. You will now see a circle that is filling, but this is not yet the queue to buy tickets.

Why is my verified fan Ticketmaster not working?

Verified Fan access codes are sent out before the event goes on sale, but won’t work until the event is actually on sale. You must be signed in with the same email address used to register. You must enter the access code exactly how it appears in your text or email.

Why does Ticketmaster say no tickets available?

What does “Limited Availability” or “No Tickets Currently Available” mean? These messages inform you up front if tickets are gone or almost gone for a specific price or section, so you can save time and simplify your ticket search!

What is error code u201 Ticketmaster?

Occasionally, an outdated app or Wi-Fi connection can cause Ticketmaster error code u201. If you’ve tried all these options, but the problem persists, it may be time to switch Wi-Fi and try logging in again. If you still get this error after a few attempts, you may be experiencing a server-side issue.

Where is my verified fan code?

If you’re lucky enough to receive a Verified Fan presale code, you should expect to receive a text message to the phone number you have on file within 24 hours of the presale date that will include a link to the checkout page so you can place your order.

Why am I not getting emails from Ticketmaster?

If you see a message that says “Email Not Found”, you will need to sign up with a new Ticketmaster account. Creating an account is simple and secure!

How do people get presale codes?

Some artists have a presale registration period for fans. Fans that register will be sent a presale code via text on the day of the presale. Follow your favorite artists on social media for this opportunity.

How do you get Ticketmaster presale and Dubz?

N-Dubz tickets: On sale with Ticketmaster According to the Ticketmaster website, to access presale tickets you usually need a password or a secure link – these passwords are usually sent to exclusive members of fan clubs or customers of a particular company like O2 or American Express.

What does artist presale mean on Ticketmaster?

What is a presale? Presales are a way for an artist’s biggest fans to get early access to tickets. Before tickets go on sale, event organizers tell us how many tickets they want to make available, the price of the ticket, and when they want the sale, or sales, to start.

Is Ticketmaster faster on phone or computer?

This makes sense, since Ticket Broker Software, aka “bots,” don’t work with a mobile device, so this is one way to reduce the resale of tickets. Buying Ticketmaster tickets on the app is the fastest way to buy tickets online.

Why is Ticketmaster queue not moving?

Please check your webpage regularly to see if the queue circle is moving. If you don’t see any movement, your browser is stuck. Please refresh your browser by pressing F5.

Is it better to refresh Ticketmaster?

While you’re in the Queue, your spot will be automatically and frequently refreshed, so please don’t refresh, close, or leave the page. While it’s a better idea to keep your device nearby, if you need to step away we recommend turning up the volume on your device.

Do you have to pay for Verified fan?

It doesn’t, however, guarantee you’ll receive an invitation to purchase tickets. Once we get closer to the Verified Fan ticket sale, you’ll receive an email with additional information about your invitation status.

How do you buy one ticket from Ticketmaster?

Log into ticketmaster in normal tab. Find the seats you want. Find the seats in the way of the seats you want. Open a private tab, and fill out an order for the unwanted seats, but do not order.

How do I verify my Ticketmaster account?

Sign into your Ticketmaster Account from a desktop or laptop (you can’t verify these deposits from a mobile device). Then the Verify Now button under Selling Tickets. Enter the deposits in the boxes. Click Submit.

What is an offer passcode on Ticketmaster?

Offer Passcodes are issued by Ticketmaster and distributed by T-Mobile. Offer Passcodes unlock various reserved tickets to participating artist tours in the United States and Las Vegas Residencies, while supplies last, depending on the Offer Passcode received.

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