why can’t i get twitter on my iphone

ByMaksim L.

Sep 24, 2022

Why is my phone not letting me download Twitter?

If you’re still unable to download the app, try uninstalling the Twitter app from your device. After it’s uninstalled, restart your phone and then re-install the Twitter app from the Google Play Store. If you’re still having trouble, check the Google Play Help Center for tips to troubleshoot download issues.

Why is mobile Twitter not working?

If you’re having trouble with mobile.twitter.com, please try the following steps: Try clearing your cache and cookies for your device’s mobile browser. You can clear cache and cookies from the settings menu for your mobile browser. Turn your phone off for 5 minutes to reset the connection.

Why can’t I get on to Twitter?

Other things to try If you are still unable to log in, please check to make sure you have the correct login username and password. Try logging in on a computer. If you are able to log in on a computer but not through your mobile device’s browser, turn your phone off for 5 minutes to reset the connection.

How do I clear my Iphone cache?

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Safari.
  2. Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data. Tap “Clear History and Website Data” to clear your Safari cache, history, and cookies. …
  3. Your device will ask if you really want to clear Safari’s data. Confirm your choice.

Why can’t I log into Twitter on my phone?

App Troubleshooting Clearing the Twitter app’s data cache on your device can sometimes resolve login issues. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app or rebooting your device to clear any temporary data that’s being held by the app and to reset the connection to your account.

How do I get rid of Twitter update 2022?

Unfortunately, there is no way to go back old layout of the Twitter account in the mobile app. You will have to use the new update only. It is a must for you to use the updated version or the application will not run on Android and iOS devices.

How do I update iOS on my iPhone?

  1. Back up your device using iCloud or your computer.
  2. Plug your device into power and connect to the internet with Wi-Fi.
  3. Go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update.
  4. Choose the software update that you want to install. …
  5. Tap Install Now.

How do I clear my Twitter cache iOS?

  1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Hamburger icon (three horizontal lines).
  3. Select Settings and Privacy.
  4. In General, tap on Data Usage.
  5. Under Storage, you will get Media Storage and Web Storage.
  6. Tapping on Clear media storage will remove all the photos and GIF data.

How do I clear my Twitter cache?

Go to “Settings” > “Apps” and find “Twitter”, click on “Storage” and you will see the “Clear Cache” button.

Why is Twitter not loading on my browser?

Twitter Not Working On Chrome may be due to the cookies and web cache. So, you have to remove the complete browser history to work with your Twitter account error-freely. Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome (Menu) -> Choose Settings. Under the Privacy and Security section, click Clear Browser Data.

How do I fix my Twitter?

  1. Check your network connection.
  2. Try a private browser.
  3. Update your browser.
  4. Log out of your account.
  5. Clear your cache and cookies.
  6. Turn off browser add-ons.
  7. Revoke third-party access to your account.

What are the problems of Twitter?

  • 1 — 280 characters aren’t enough. Twitter’s a space where people can say whatever’s on their minds. …
  • 2 — There is too much trolling and hate. …
  • 3 — There is too much editorial censorship. …
  • 4 Traits of Personal Growth We Take For Granted.

How do I get my old Twitter back?

  1. Click on “(…) More” in the left-hand menu.
  2. Go to “Settings and privacy” > “About Twitter” > “Directory”
  3. A new Twitter tab will open. Click on “Home,” and you’ll find yourself in the old UI.

How do I get my Twitter update back?

Unfortunately, you can not undo any Twitter update now. Twitter has finalized its new version. Also, it offered the legacy Twitter option in the beginning and now took it down. So, now you will have to use the new version of Twitter only.

How do I reload my Twitter?

Enter the search term “Refresh for Twitter” in the Search the Store search box. Then scroll down to the Refresh for Twitter extension that will appear on the results page. Follow the prompts to install the extension. Step 3:Open your Twitter timeline in a new tab and the timeline will refresh automatically.

How do I get Twitter on iOS 12?

  1. Find “App Store” Press App Store.
  2. Find Twitter. Press Search. …
  3. Install Twitter. Press GET and follow the instructions on the screen to install the app.
  4. Return to the home screen. Slide your finger upwards starting from the bottom of the screen to return to the home screen.

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