why are pikolinos shoes so expensive

ByMaksim L.

Sep 24, 2022

Are pikolinos made in China?

The style is basically the same, with some minor differences as far as stitching goes. The main difference is the new pair is made in China and the old pair was made in Spain.

Where is pikolinos brand from?

Pikolinos is currently one of the benchmark companies within the footwear sector in Spain. It is part of Grupo Pikolinos, a conglomerate of companies specialised in footwear and accessories. Pikolinos was established in 1984 by the current Chairman, Juan Per?n Ramos.

Are pikolinos shoes narrow?

Pikolinos seem to run a bit narrow which is wonderful for my skinny feet. As I can wear a thicker sock with these I suspect most medium width wearers will also find they fit great. If you have a wide foot in general Pikolinos may not work for you. They are VERY consisitent in sizing.

Are pikolinos shoes made in Spain?

PIKOLINOS SHOES AND SANDALS Simons Shoes offers every variety of this individualistic, high-quality, Spanish-made shoe.

Are Pikolinos real leather?

We use water-based leather treatments, which makes a very natural finish.

Who owns Pikolinos shoes?

Juan Per?n is a Spanish footwear icon, a man who fulfilled his dream and exceeded his own expectations. Nowadays, he has only one aim: to give back to life what life has given him, and he does this mainly through his Juan Per?n Pikolinos Foundation Discover the man behind our brand.

Are Pikolinos supportive?

These sandals are designed with a tiny bit of height to elevate truly any outfit while also being extra supportive at the same time. This pair from Pikolinos features a comfortable footbed, a deep heel cup, and ample arch support.

What are pikolinos made of?

Pikolinos commitment to authenticity and naturalness makes their products unique. They use high-quality vegetable-tanned or semi-vegetable-tanned leathers to both ensure the quality of the product and protect the environment.

Do pikolinos run small or large?

They do seem to run a bit large. I am a 6?, and the 36 fit me better than the 37. 0 found this review helpful. These shoes are super comfortable and cute!

What size is 41 in pikolinos?

Pikolinos(EU) Foot Length cm UK
39 25.5 6
40 26.1 7
41 26.7 8
42 27.4 9

Is pikolinos Spanish?

Pikolinos is a Spanish company created in Elche (Alicante) by Juan Per?n.

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