why does red iphone 12 say product

ByMaksim L.

Sep 22, 2022

Is iPhone Product RED original?

The first Apple (PRODUCT)RED was a special edition of the iPod nano. The device came out in 2006 and featured an exclusive red aluminum design. More (PRODUCT)RED items eventually followed.

What happens when you buy a product RED iPhone?

In the case of Apple’s new iPhone, when you buy the device Apple gives “a contribution” to Red. For some reason, just like in 2017, we don’t know the exact percentage of funds that Apple sends over when you buy the new red iPhone. Whatever the amount, Red uses it to help fight HIV in African countries.

Is Product Red legit?

Product Red, stylized as (PRODUCT)RED or (PRODUCT)RED, is a licensed brand by the company Red, stylized as (RED), that seeks to engage the private sector in raising awareness and funds to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in eight African countries, namely Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South …

Why is Apple Product Red cheaper?

iPhone 13 cheaper in Red and Blue There’s no reason stated behind this price disparity and it seems Amazon wants to clear the stocks of the iPhone 13 in these two colours, which is why the prices on these colours are lower. Neither Apple nor Flipkart is showing such different prices on their stores.

Is iPhone Product Red more expensive?

Apple’s Red iPhone 7 Costs $100 More Than Every Other iPhone.

What is the meaning of Product Red iPhone?

The end of AIDS begins with (RED). With your help, Apple-supported grants have provided life-saving treatment to over 13.8 million people living with HIV. And our work isn’t done yet. Choose (RED). Save lives.

What is Product RED at Apple?

Supporting the Fight Against HIV/AIDS This year, it is easier than ever to support (RED) and its HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts. Proceeds from the purchase of an iPhone 12 (PRODUCT)RED will support the Global Fund’s efforts to combat HIV/AIDS and COVID-19.

Are product red iPhones different?

Other than that, it is a normal iPhone. There are no special features or capabilities that would set it apart from other iPhones. Just the color RED, nothing else.

What percentage of the RED iPhone goes to charity?

Apple will donate 50% of (PRODUCT)RED proceeds to fight COVID in sub-Saharan Africa. AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases.

Why does the RED iPhone 13 say product?

iPhone 13: Product Red Every Apple product with the Product Red label sold means a donation to HIV/AIDS treatment programs (though Apple has never said how much).

Is iPhone RED more expensive?

IT DOESN’T COST ANY MORE THAN A STANDARD iPHONE 8 If you’re thinking that going red is going to cost you extra, think again. The iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED costs the same as its siblings and there’s even some pretty decent deals available on contract.

Is iPhone 11 Product Red fake?

Nowhereelse has photos of what is purported to be a (PRODUCT)Red iPhone but the lack of (RED) branding on the back definitely puts this in the fake category.

Does Apple product red cost more?

The Special Edition (Product) RED iPhone 7 starts at $750, and the red iPhone 7 Plus at $870, both of which are at least $100 more than the base price of the other iPhone 7 models (with the exception of the jet black color). That’s because the red iPhone 7 is only available in the pricier 128GB and 256GB options.

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