why do i get ads on youtube with adblock

ByMaksim L.

Sep 22, 2022

Why is my ad blocker not working on YouTube?

There might be an issue with the Adblock extension. The best thing to do is see if there is an update available for the Adblock extension. If there is, you should install it right away. On the other hand, if an update is not available, you may want to remove the extension and then install it again.

How do I stop AdBlock ads on YouTube?

If you want to block all ads from your Android device, you can simply go to our homepage with your Android device and download the application “Adblock Plus”. Before you download it, you should make sure your device allows app installation from unknown sources.

Does Adblock Plus stop YouTube ads?

Thankfully, with an ad blocker like Adblock Plus, you can block YouTube ads in Chrome and watch all of the content you want ad-free. It’s easy to block YouTube ads in Chrome. All you have to do is: Install Adblock Plus by visiting adblockplus.org from your Chrome browser.

Why is AdBlock not working on YouTube 2022?

If AdBlock stopped working on YouTube, it might be because of the filter list. Check for the AdBlock icon either on the toolbar or when you click the menu icon. Once you find the AdBlock icon, click on it to open its settings tab.

Why am I suddenly getting ads on YouTube?

Ads may appear on your uploaded videos even if you haven’t monetized the videos yourself. If your video contains content to which you don’t own all necessary rights, the rights holder may have chosen to place ads on it. YouTube may also place ads on videos in channels not in the YouTube Partner Program.

Why does YouTube have so many ads now 2022?

The ads are usually displayed as a skippable ad along with a 6-second un-skippable ad, two consecutive bumpers, two skippable ads, or a bumper with a skippable ad. The main reason why YouTube started to show ads like this is mainly to decrease the distractions during the video.

Is AdBlock on YouTube legal?

Are ad blockers illegal? No, using an ad blocker is not illegal. Users with apps or extensions like this added to their devices do not need to worry about getting into legal trouble or being blocked by YouTube or Google.

Why are there so many Unskippable ads on YouTube?

“We ran a small experiment globally that served multiple ads in an ad pod when viewers watched longer videos on connected TVs. The goal is to build a better experience for viewers by reducing ad breaks.”

How do I get rid of ads on YouTube 2022?

  1. AdLock. No surprise here a cross-platform solution would be the number one choice. …
  2. Getting a Premium subscription. …
  3. Getting a Premium Lite subscription. …
  4. Using ad-free browsers. …
  5. Using VPN. …
  6. Using third-party tools to watch YouTube videos. …
  7. Using modded YouTube apps.

Why does AdBlock not block all ads?

Verify that you are using the correct filter list. Adblock Plus requires filter lists to block ads. A default filter list based on your browser’s language settings is automatically activated when you install Adblock Plus.

How do you stop ads on YouTube videos?

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Click your profile picture. YouTube Studio.
  3. In the left Menu, click Content.
  4. Select the video you want to turn off ads for.
  5. In the left Menu, click Monetization.
  6. In the top “Monetization” box, click Off. Apply.
  7. In the top right, click Save.

How do I block ads on YouTube 2021?

Type “AdBlock for Youtube” in the search field on the left. Choose one of the results you come across. – Just click on the “Add for Chrome” link on the page that opens. This extension is a content filtering and ad blocker browser extension that blocks all ads on Youtube™.

Does total AdBlock work in YouTube app?

Answer: You can use AdBlock or AdBlock Plus to block ads on YouTube. You can also use AdGuard or AdLock.

Why is AdBlock not working on Chrome?

Restart Chrome a few times. If AdBlock is still there each time, it means one of the extensions you disabled is the culprit. Enable each of the other extensions one at a time, restarting Chrome after each one, until AdBlock is uninstalled or disabled again. The last extension you enabled is the one disabling AdBlock.

How do I make YouTube commercial free?

In YouTube, click your avatar icon at the upper right and select YouTube Studio. Click Continue, then on the left Content. Put a check in the box next to any videos for which you don’t want ads, then in the drop-down menu on the left, select Monetization. The top box should say Off > Apply.

Why is my AdBlocker not working?

Luckily, AdBlock extensions are light and can be easily reset, reinstalled, or fixed in only a couple of steps. Another reason why an AdBlock might stop working is because of cache and cookies. So if you don’t believe that extensions are the problem, it might be your browser’s history.

Do any ad blockers work on YouTube?

AdBlock blocks YouTube ads by default, and we provide powerful tools to customize how you block ads on YouTube. AdBlock is the only YouTube ad blocker with an easy-to-use option for allowing ads on your favorite channels, making it simple to support content creators.

How do I enable AdBlock on YouTube?

– Log in to the “Google Chrome Web” that comes up. Type “AdBlock for Youtube” in the search field on the left. Choose one of the results you come across. – Just click on the “Add for Chrome” link on the page that opens.

Is YouTube ad blocker legal?

In short, you’re free to block ads, but interfering with the publisher’s right to serve or restrict access to copyrighted content in a manner they approve of (access control) is illegal.

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