why are poofs eyes purple

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Sep 20, 2022

Why is baby poof purple?

When they returned home, Wanda wanted to find out the gender of Poof, so changing his diaper is the best way to find out. After using a water-gun, he is proven a boy, because boys prefer water-squirters. Poof’s fairy color seems to be purple, hence his purple outfit.

Who is poofs real dad?

Timmy Turner (godbrother) Chloe Carmichael (godsister) Anti-Vicky (godsister)
Cosmo Cosma (father) Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma (mother)

How did Cosmo and Wanda have Poof?

Poof is the first fairy baby born to Cosmo and Wanda Fairywinkle. He first appeared in Fairly Odd Baby when Timmy Turner wished that Cosmo and Wanda had a baby. Cosmo became instantly pregnant. When Poof was born, the Anti-Fairies and Pixies tried to steal the baby, as a baby fairy’s magic is uncontrollable.

What color was Juandissimo?

Juandissimo’s iris color is purple, which is also the color of whenever he shape-shifts into.

How did Cosmo give birth?

Cosmo is the only Fairy who has been seen pregnant on-screen in the series. Fairy pregnancy is similar to seahorse and owl pregnancies, in which the males give birth instead of the females. Implied by Cosmo, when a baby kicks, it appears to be the equivalent to contractions.

Is Cosmo the father?

Papa Cosmo(-Cosma) is Cosmo’s father (whom he bears an incredible resemblance to), the spouse of Mama Cosma and father-in-law of Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma. He is also the paternal grandfather of Poof.

What race is Trixie Tang?

Trixie Tang is an Asian girl who attends Dimmsdale Middle school, where she is considered the most pretty and popular girl in school.

Why did Crocker lose his fairies?

Relationship with Cosmo and Wanda In the secret origin of Denzel Crocker, Crocker had them when he was a kid. He was kind, using his magic to help people, having been a nice person. He lost his fairies after Timmy interfered with the past and 70’s Jorgen erased his fairies and Crocker’s mind.

Is FOOP a boy or girl?

Foop Anti-Cosma
Gender: Male
Species: Anti-Fairies
Age: 1

How old is Cosmo and Wanda?

Before Poof was born, Cosmo was the youngest fairy in existence. Cosmo’s Age 35 and Wanda’s Age 31? It is revealed in Cosmo Rules that Cosmo is Jorgen’s cousin.

Does Timmy Turner have a sister?

Personal Information
Trixie Tang Tootie Veronica Chester McBadbat Sanjay

What happened to Timmy Turner’s dog?

Timmy Turner Timmy is Sparky’s owner and the person Sparky loves the most. In “Fairly OddPet”, Timmy decides to give Sparky away after he starts causing too much trouble, but after feeling bad about the dog’s heartbreak, Timmy ends up risking his life to save Sparky, letting clear they both love each other.

Did Wanda like Juandissimo?

Wanda revealed that Juandissimo was her ex-boyfriend. Throughout the series, Juandissimo goes from a villain, to a minor annoyance, to somewhat of a friend to Timmy and his fairies.

What fairy is in love with Wanda?

Juandissimo Magnifico is Remy Buxaplenty’s vain fairy godparent and the ex-boyfriend and admirer of Wanda.

Who is Wanda’s ex-boyfriend?

Juandissimo Magnifico is a recurring character on The Fairly OddParents. He is Wanda’s narcissistic ex-boyfriend who still pines for her despite her marriage to Cosmo, and he is also Remy Buxaplenty’s fairy godparent.

Are babies purple when they first come out?

When a baby is first born, the skin is a dark red to purple color. As the baby starts to breathe air, the color changes to red. This redness normally starts to fade in the first day. A baby’s hands and feet may stay bluish in color for several days.

Why are my baby’s hands purple?

This turns the color of your hands and feet bluish. The blue color comes from the decrease in blood flow and oxygen moving through the narrowed vessels to your extremities (outer limbs). Acrocyanosis is common in newborns. Most other people with the condition are teens and young adults.

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