why does my phone ring but i can’t hear anything

ByMaksim L.

Sep 19, 2022

Why can I not hear when my phone rings?

Check your volume settings Open Settings. Tap Sound and vibration. Tap Volume. Drag the Ringtone Bar to the right to increase volume.

Why can’t I hear anything on my phone calls iPhone?

Check the speaker opening to see if it’s blocked or dirty. On iPhone only, make sure that the receiver isn’t blocked or dirty. If necessary, clean the speaker or receiver opening with a small, soft-bristled brush. Make sure that the brush is clean and dry.

How do I unmute my phone?

If you have an Android phone, you can mute your phone from the call screen. Your call screen has different buttons including a mute button (circled below). It is a microphone with a slash line through it. Please click on this button to mute and unmute your hone.

How do I turn silent mode off?

Go to Settings > Sound & Haptics” or Settings > Sound to change if your phone vibrates while in Silent mode. Enable or disable “Change with Buttons” to change your ringtone and alert sound levels. If, for example, you don’t have a ringtone selected, turning off Silent mode will not make your phone ring.

How do you unmute an iPhone?

The Ring/Silent switch is on the left side of your iPhone. You can use it to control which sounds play through your iPhone speaker.

How do I fix my iPhone microphone?

If the microphone doesn’t work in a specific app Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone. Make sure that the app is enabled. If the app has permission to access your microphone, or if it isn’t listed, contact the app developer.

How do I test my phone speaker?

Type in *#7353# into the dialer as though you are dialing a phone number. You will be presented with a list of options. Don’t get startled and drop your phone on accident! Loud and arguably annoying music should start to play from your phone when you tap on the Speaker option.

How do I get the sound back on my Samsung phone?

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone and go to Sounds and vibration.
  2. Set the Sound mode to Sound.
  3. Next, tap on Volume and use then sliders to increase the volume level.

Why can’t I hear incoming calls on my Android phone?

Restart your phone and check the network coverage. Check Phone app permissions. Choose the default Dialer/Phone app. Uninstall third-party apps that use the mic in the background.

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