why does my iphone 12 ring once and then go to voicemail

ByMaksim L.

Sep 19, 2022

What does it mean when an iPhone rings once and goes to voicemail?

If you only hear one ring before the voicemail picks up, there are three possible reasons: their phone is off, they’ve set their phone to auto-divert to voicemail (i.e., they’ve enabled Do Not Disturb mode), or you’ve been blocked.

Why does my phone ring one time and then go to voicemail?

If your phone is set to “Do Not Disturb,” most or all of your phone calls will go directly to voicemail. So it’s worth checking to see if the phone has been accidentally put in that mode.

Why does my iPhone only ring once when someone calls me?

This is normal behavior and means once the phone rings, you are looking at the phone. The phone is capable of knowing you are aware it is ringing and is called “Attention Aware” which is a setting you can turn off if you’d rather your phone continue to ring at the loudest volume. To me, it’s a FANTASTIC feature.

Why does my phone disconnect after 1 ring?

A dropped call happens when your phone gets disconnected somehow from the cellular network. Usually, this happens because of poor cell signal wherever you are that causes the call to drop.

Why do incoming calls only ring once?

Call Forwarding is another feature that can cause seemingly unusual behavior on your phone. If your line has call forwarding activated, any incoming calls will ring once before they are forwarded.

How do I make my iPhone ring longer before going to voicemail?

  1. Open the Phone app on your phone.
  2. Type the following: * * 6 1 * 1 0 1 * * [15, 20, 25 or 30] #
  3. Press the call button.

How do I stop my iPhone from going straight to voicemail?

  1. Check Cellular Connectivity. This is the first basic thing to do as soon as you realize that your phone calls are going straight to voicemail. …
  2. Check if Do Not Disturb is Enabled. …
  3. Disable Silence Unknown Callers. …
  4. Check for Carrier Settings Update.

What happens when the phone only rings once?

Possible cause and solutions The call was blocked. Check to see if the caller is in the telephones Blocked call list. Voicemail has picked up. The caller hung up after one ring.

Why is my iPhone 12 not ringing when I get a call?

No ring tone tone is heard on incoming calls on your Apple iPhone 12 Pro iOS 14.1. If Do Not Disturb is turned on, your phone is set to silent mode for a specified period of time. Solution: Turn off Do Not Disturb.

Why are incoming calls going straight to voicemail?

If all of your inbound calls are going straight to voicemail, try turning OFF your Bluetooth connection. Sometimes your phone may think it has a connection to a Bluetooth device (like your car or an earpiece) but that device is not talking to the phone.

Does phone ring once if blocked?

If you call a phone and hear the normal number of rings before getting sent to voicemail, then it’s a normal call. If you’re blocked, you would only hear a single ring before being diverted to voicemail.

How many times does the phone ring when you are blocked?

When you call a number and if your only hear one ring and after that, you are directed to a voicemail after one ring, chances are high that you have been blocked. If you hear the same thing for 3-4 days and the number only rings once before being directed to a voicemail, you have definitely been blocked.

What happens when your phone is on Do Not Disturb and someone calls you?

Do Not Disturb (DND) is a mode that silences your iPhone or Android so you’re not distracted by incoming notifications. You will still receive notifications, texts, and calls, but your phone will not make a sound, and your screen will not turn on to display them.

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