ffxiv why is lyse white

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Sep 19, 2022

What race is Lyse?

Race: Hyur – Highlander
Gender: Female
Class: Pugilist
Affiliation: Scions of the Seventh Dawn

Is lyse a Highlander?

Lyse is a fair-skinned Highlander with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Is Minfilia Ala Mhigan?

Her father’s Garlean spymasters still sought Ascilia for her father’s betrayal, but no one would seek “Minfilia,” an Ala Mhigan orphan adopted by an Ul’dahn woman seeking to fill the void left by her lover’s death.

Is Ala Mhigo in Eorzea?

Founded in 1135 of the Sixth Astral Era by Anshelm Cotter, Ala Mhigo was a fortress city built along the shores of Loch Seld in Gyr Abania. The citadel guarded against invaders from Ilsabard and controlled trade between Eorzea and the Near East.

How old was lyse when Yda died?

If it were still Yda, she’d be older, likely mid 30s. Lyse is 25.

How old is Lyse in Ffxiv?

So I was just on the FF wiki, and on the page for Lyse Hext, it listed her age as 25, and stated that she was 5 years old when Ala Mhigo fell.

Is Lyse still a Scion?

Lyse isn’t a scion technically. It was a cover. Her destiny was also no longer entwined with ours since she was also more involved with restoring ala mhigo.

How old is Papalymo?

So, Papalymo’s probably still the eldest, at forty-two. F’lhaminn is thirty-seven. Thancred is listed as thirty-two. Yda and Y’shtola have to be somewhere in between Papalymo and Thancred in age.

Does Lyse have the echo?

Why doesn’t Lyse have it? The only members of the Scions who have the Echo are the WoL, Minfilia, Unukalhai, Arenvald and Krile.

What race is Minfilia?

Minfilia is a Highlander Hyur who keeps her blonde hair in a ponytail with long bangs hanging down the sides of her face. In the original Final Fantasy XIV, she wore a pink half-top, brown culottes, and fingerless gloves.

Is Minfilia a Hydaelyn?

With the help of the Scions and Krile, the Warrior of Light discovers what happened to Minfilia. Her body is being used by Hydaelyn, and is now the Word of the Mother.

Is Minfilia an Archon?

As far as we know, Minfilia is the only Scion what possesses the Echo, yet all of the Scions are referred to as “Archons”.

Is Ilberd a traitor?

Ilberd plays the part of a diligent officer and acts friendly when investigating the spy network of the Ivy. Underneath that facade he is a bitter man consumed by betrayal and grief over the fall of Ala Mhigo.

What happened to Fordola?

Fordola is taken to Alliance custody and she lives as a prisoner to see Ala Mhigo no longer under Garlean occupancy. The incensed Ala Mhigans attempt to take Fordola’s life after someone leaks info about her captivity.

When did Doma fall Ffxiv?

Located in the Yanxia region of Othard in the Far East, Doma was taken over by the Garlean Empire twenty-five years ago. Though the Domans recently attempted a rebellion, their efforts were swiftly crushed by the XIIth Legion led by Zenos yae Galvus.

Did we ever know the real Yda?

? 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 With the Echo visions occurring in 1562 and Yda’s death occurring in 1571, it can be inferred that the Yda seen in the Echo visions of the Gridania storyline during the original release was in fact the real Yda, as Lyse did not begin adopting her sister’s identity until after her death.

Does Yda ever remove her mask?

Final Fantasy XIV After Papalymo Totolymo’s death at Baelsar’s Wall, “Yda” removes the visor, revealing that she was in fact Yda’s younger sister Lyse.

Are the scions dead Ffxiv?

Trouble is none of the scions actually died… The only character that actually died was Nanamo and they used a really bad plot twist to reveal it was just a fake out. At this point it is more a matter of when we’ll find the other scions, rather than if.

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