why carnage is stronger than venom

ByMaksim L.

Sep 17, 2022

Who is stronger Venom or Carnage?

In the comics — and the 2021 movie — it’s pretty clearly established that on a baseline level, Carnage is indisputably more powerful than Venom.

Why was Venom weaker than Carnage?

#Venom is actually the weakest symbiote because he was the first of the bloodline. The offspring of a symbiote is significantly stronger than its predecessor. So, in the next movie when Venom vs Carnage, Venom is basically fighting his own ‘son’.

Is Venom stronger after eating Carnage?

Carnage barely put up a fight. Pieces of the symbiote were on him, but he didn’t fully transform or try to defend himself. Venom simply pulled the symbiote off of him and ate it, becoming stronger.

Is Carnage the strongest symbiote?

For a while, Carnage was basically top dog in the symbiote pecking order. Just as Venom is a step beyond Spider-Man in terms of strength, Carnage surpasses Venom in terms of both power and potential for destruction. Carnage was created when Eddie Brock and psychopathic murderer Cletus Kasady were cellmates.

Why Venom is afraid of red?

It could be that in the universe of the Venom movies, this type of strong bond is already known among the symbiotes to result in stronger specimens. This could explain why Venom is so fearful of facing an enemy with a ruddy hue.

Who is the weakest symbiote?

If Venom is the weakest symbiote, how does he always defeat the other sybiotes? (pls no spoiler from the movie) Because sometimes you don’t have to be stronger to win the fight. For example in the 1st movie, he blew it up in a space ship. He didn’t overpower it.

Who is the strongest symbiote ever?

The son of Carnage, Toxin, was believed to be the most powerful symbiote ever created. The raw power of Toxin was so great that he was feared even by the King in Black, Knull, creator and leader of the symbiotes.

Why is Carnage red?

The spawn of the Venom symbiote then attached itself to Kasady through his bloodstream. Carnage achieves this by entering Kasady’s body through a cut on his hand. This is the reason why Carnage appears as the colour red, as he entered through the bloodstream, which is of course red.

Why did Riot want Venom?

Character traits Riot was a sadistic, cannibalistic, almost borderline sociopathic entity who’s only concern was keeping itself and its host alive. At first he wanted Venom to join him since he was looking for him and gave him a chance to be on the ship but was displeased of Venom’s treachery.

Is Venom the weakest symbiote?

9 Venom. While Eddie Brock’s Venom may not be the strongest here, he is recognizable and the most resilient Symbiote compared to many others. Even though he started out as a pure villain, Brock’s Venom showed many heroic traits.

Who is the blue symbiote?

Blue Symbiote (1) (Mayhem): In the comics Mayhem was a biologically reengineered being as a human and symbiote hybrid. The character April gave herself the name Mayhem to operate under in her superhuman activities, but she died in an explosion while fighting Spider-Girl.

Why does Venom Hate Spider-Man in Venom 2?

The Venom symbiote hates Spider-Man because he rejected him twice and removed him from his body. Eddie Brock, on the other hand, hates Spider-Man because he thinks that he is the source of all the bad luck he’s had throughout his life.

Why is Venom a weak symbiote?

Venom uses the same black goo-like substance that makes up his mass to generate webbing to shoot. As a result, there can be too much of a good thing. If Venom uses too much webbing, it actually pulls from his own body mass, which weakens the symbiote “suit.”

Why does Venom call Carnage a red one?

The red hue and unstable, fluid-like design of the character is meant to represent its fusion with Kasady’s blood. This strange connection to the color red and its association with blood goes well beyond Carnage’s origins.

Who is King Venom?

Eddie Brock is the new King in Black in the Marvel Universe, and with his new powers, he’s become one of the strongest heroes ever. In Venom #200, readers learn what happened to Venom after he defeated Knull, the God of Symbiotes.

Why is Venom mad at Spider-Man?

The Venom/Spider-Man feud began years ago due to bad journalism, Spider-Man’s heroism, and the mutual hatred of one angry symbiote. Though the Lethal Protector has become an anti-hero since the ’90s, Venom is still widely regarded as one of Spider-Man’s most well-known and iconic villains.

Was Venom killing Eddie?

It’s never mentioned again and with Eddie and Venom back together by the end of the movie and no word on any sort of cure or compromise on their host relationship, things have surely gone back to the way they were before and Venom is killing Eddie.

How did Carnage born?

In the comics, Eddie Brock does a stint in prison and his cellmate is none other than Cletus Kasady. While in prison, Venom produces an offspring named Carnage. (He reproduces asexually, in case you were wondering.) Venom doesn’t tell Eddie about it, and Venom and Eddie escape prison.

Who is the strongest symbiote?

  • 8 Anti-Venom. …
  • 7 Sleeper. …
  • 6 Bedlam. …
  • 5 Carnage. …
  • 4 Toxin. …
  • 3 Grendel. …
  • 2 Knull. The original creator and master of the Symbiotes, Knull is a real force to be reckoned with. …
  • 1 Venom. A symbiote is only as strong as the bond that it shares with its host.

Who can beat Carnage?

Carnage can defeat Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Shang-Shi, and he would lose to Thor, Hulk, and Doctor Strange.

Is Carnage Venom’s son?

Carnage Is Venom’s Son In Marvel Comics Together they fought Spider-Man many times, with Venom repeatedly trying to kill Parker, no matter if he was in costume or not. At one point during their many fights and crimes, Eddie ended up in jail, with Venom helping him escape and leaving a spawn – Carnage.

Who wins Venom or Carnage in Venom 2?

After a massive showdown at the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Venom defeats Carnage and eats him – but some viewers have wondered if the consumption will have any impact on Venom’s strength. Comic book enthusiasts were clamoring for the on-screen face-off between the symbiotes, and the movie didn’t disappoint.

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