why was supergirl in the phantom zone young justice

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Sep 14, 2022

How did Kara end up in Phantom Zone on Young Justice?

In mid-2020, Kara Zor-El was sent to the Phantom Zone when she was blasted by a Phantom Zone projector wielded by Lex Luthor.

Why did Supergirl get sent to Phantom Zone?

General Zod – A Kryptonian military general who was exiled to the Phantom Zone after trying to overthrow the Kryptonian Council so he could take over Krypton.

Why was Kara Zor-El sent to the Phantom Zone?

In the show’s pilot episode, we learn that Kara Zor-El is sent to Earth to look after her cousin, Kal-El with the both of them being sent there because Krypton is imploding.

What happened to Lex Luthor after he sent Supergirl to the Phantom Zone?

Lex Luthor survived the Supergirl series finale, but it left him right back where he started: in a prison. In an attempt to banish Kara and the Super Friends to the Phantom Zone, he found himself pulled through the portal instead.

Who saves Kara in the Phantom Zone?

For his part, Zor-El spent roughly 40 years in a world not only without hope, but thinking he was to blame for the destruction of his planet and the deaths of everyone he knew and loved. It turns out he saved his daughter as well as Argo City, but Zor-El had no idea until Kara came to the Phantom Zone.

How long was Kara stuck in the Phantom Zone?

Kara says she left Krypton 24 years ago when she was 13, then she got stuck in the phantom zone for 24 years (where she didn’t age), then she lands on Earth (and is still 13).

What episode is Kara pregnant?

Mon-El and Rose.

Who is Nyxly secret admirer?

After a tough fight, Nyxly got the totem and escaped. On the ship, Nyxly saw the hologram of her admirer, Lex Luthor, who offered to help her get the totems.

Is Zod related to Supergirl?

Zor-El is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. A Kryptonian, he is the brother of Jor-El, husband of Alura, father of Supergirl, and paternal uncle of Superman. Zor-El as Cyborg Superman on the cover of Action Comics (vol.

How long was Kara in the pod?

Kara slept in the Phantom Zone for 24 years until her pod reactivated. Upon awakening, she noticed a computer console in her dashboard light up with a logo of three dots in a triangular shape.

Why can’t Supergirl fly in space?

Alex: Once you’re in space, there’s no atmosphere. There’s no gravity. You wouldn’t be able to generate thrust, you wouldn’t be able to breathe, you wouldn’t be able to get back.

How long was Zod in the Phantom Zone?

He was sentenced to exile in the Phantom Zone for 40 years for his crimes. Zod was eventually released by Superman when his term of imprisonment was up. However, he attempted to conquer Earth with the superpowers his Kryptonian body acquired under the yellow sun (the source of Superman’s own super-powers).

Is Kara’s dad alive?

Behr’s casting came a week before Supergirl’s final season premiered as he was cast as a mysterious Kryptonian who would come to Kara’s rescue. The reason they kept Zor-El’s name a secret was to set up the surprise that Supergirl’s father is still alive after all these years.

How did Zod get out of the Phantom Zone?

Unfortunately the Phantom Zone actually saved General Zod and his crew from the destruction of Krypton. As Krypton is destroyed, the Phantom Zone is destroyed with it, sending Zod and his crew back to the place in the universe where Kypton had been.

Who is Wynnde?

Wyynde is an Atlantean and member of King Orin’s royal guard. Before serving the crown, he was involved with the Atlantean purists movement, a radical and racial coterie led by Ocean-Master. He is in a relationship with Kaldur’ahm.

Why is Superboy important to the Legion of Superheroes?

This was because stories of Superboy’s heroism were still told 1000 years in the future, inspiring the Legion of Superheroes’ formation. A 2019 retcon made another Superboy, Superman’s son Jonathan Kent, responsible for the foundation of the Legion of Superheroes in the modern DC Universe.

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