why is kayo so expensive

ByMaksim L.

Sep 14, 2022

Why does Kayo use so much?

1 hour 720p/1080p 2 hours 720p/1080p
4 screens 6GB/13GB 12GB/26GB

Is Kayo worth getting?

For the average Australian sports fan, Kayo’s price is just about right. Perhaps too high for those interested in a single sport, but for multi-sport aficionados, it’s better than getting a number of standalone dedicated apps from each sporting organisation (like NBA League Pass or NFL Game Pass).

What is the difference between basic Kayo and premium Kayo?

The only difference in the subscription is the number of devices that can stream at one time. With Kayo One you can stream on 1 device at any time, Basic is up to 2 devices (streams); and Premium allows you up to 3 devices (streams).

How can I get Kayo for free?

How to get a Kayo free trial. To get your Kayo free trial, all you have to do is sign up for a Kayo account via the Kayo website, and click the ‘New customers get a free trial’ button.

Is Kayo cheaper than Foxtel?

Get to know Kayo with our guides So, if you love sport, but also love the Entertainment, Kids or Movie packs, don’t dismiss Kayo completely. Starting at $25 a month, it is cheaper than adding the Sports HD pack ($29 per month) to a Foxtel subscription.

Does Kayo use alot of internet?

How much data will Kayo use? How does Kayo score when it comes to data usage? To watch sports in Standard Definition (SD) at 360p to 480p, you’re likely to use between 0.3GB and 0.5GB of data per hour, although you’ll need anywhere between 1.5GB and 3.25GB per hour for High Definition (HD) viewing at 720p to 1080p.

Is Kayo owned by Telstra?

Kayo Sports is an over-the-top video streaming subscription service available in Australia, owned by Streamotion (a wholly owned subsidiary of Foxtel).

Can you share Kayo subscriptions?

Up to 5 profiles per subscription It’s great to know there are no restrictions on accounts with multiple profiles. If you choose to authorise this, your housemates or family can all access Kayo simultaneously from different locations, with the number of available streams dependent on your subscription.

Does Kayo use Telstra data?

While most of Telstra’s broadband plans are unlimited, subscribers using Kayo over 4G will want to keep an eye on their data usage. Kayo Sports subscribers get access to all the content you’d typically find in a Foxtel sports package.

Can I get Kayo for $5 per month?

Telstra are offering selected Live Pass customers who are new to Kayo, a subscription at the following discounted rate: Basic for $5/month for 12 months.

Does Kayo work on smart TVs?

Kayo is available on a number of SMART TV’s, giving you plenty of options to watch all the action on the big screen!

How many channels does Kayo have?

American Football Cricket
AFL Cycling
Baseball Darts
Basketball Esports
Boxing Extreme Sport

Can you cancel Kayo anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Kayo subscription at any time including during the free trial, but it needs to be done at least 24 hours before your subscription renewal date. If you cancel after your free trial finishes, the cancellation will take effect from the end of your current monthly subscription period.

What is the best sports streaming service in Australia?

When it comes to subscription sports streaming in Australia, your options are Foxtel Now, Kayo and Stan Sport. Starting at AUD $25 per month, Kayo is the best option if you’re after the widest range of sport for the best value.

Is Kayo free if I have binge?

Unfortunately, no. As Flash, BINGE and Kayo Sports are separate subscriptions, your bill for each product will be separate.

Do Foxtel subscribers get Kayo?

All of Kayo’s programming is also available through both a traditional Foxtel package and a Foxtel Now streaming subscription.

Can u record on Kayo?

Watching a Kayo channel? If you’re enjoying sport on one of our Kayo channels, you will be able to rewind on the video progress timeline up to 2.5 hours. You can pause the live stream, too, however there is no recording function on the Kayo channel streams.

Is Kayo a lock in contract?

Your Kayo subscription has a no-lock in contract, so you’re able to cancel and rejoin whenever you like.

What do you get on Kayo basics?

The Kayo Basic monthly fees give you instant access to over 50 live sports in HD, including live NBA, Cricket, Tennis, MotoGP, and NFL, plus many more sports whether you’re at home or you’re out and about.

What’s in Kayo basic?

The Basic Plan will cost you $25 per month and the Premium Plan will cost you $35 per month. So that’s an extra $10 per month to stream on three devices, rather than two. There’s no other catch. You get access to the same sports and everything is streamed in HD on both plans.

Is AFL on Kayo basic?

Kayo has the rights to every match of every round of the Toyota AFL Premiership Season, plus every match of the Finals Series before the Grand Final Live and On-Demand.

How many screens can I watch on Kayo?

Enjoy up to three simultaneous streams, including all of Kayo’s game-changing features and our massive library of all things sport.

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