why are swim shorts banned in france

ByMaksim L.

Sep 14, 2022

Why can’t you wear shorts in French swimming pools?

The French actually have two reasons for this swimming pool policy: hygiene and the environment. People often wear long swimming trunks as a pair of shorts. For example, you wear them to the beach or while walking through the city. If you then swim in the swimming pool in the same shorts, you will pollute the water.

Are swim shorts allowed in France?

Now, I have something of the utmost importance to share with you – especially if you are a man and you want to go swimming in a public swimming pool in France. In France, swimming shorts are not allowed to be worn in swimming pools by men. In France, men must wear clinging swimming trunks to swimming pools.

Are Speedos banned in France?

You must wear Speedos in France While skimpy swimwear for men has become somewhat more of a joke these days, in France tight fitting swimwear remains compulsory in many places.

Are swim trunks banned in France?

Clothing rules in public pools in France are strict, for what authorities say are reasons of hygiene: caps are required, and baggy swim trunks or other voluminous clothing is generally banned.

Can you wear swimming shorts in France 2022?

Yes in all public French swimming pools and many campsite swimming pools there is a rule stating NO SWIMMING SHORTS and only “SPEEDO” type trunks are allowed. You are however allowed to wear Jammer type tight shorts as long as they are above the knee.

Can men wear swim shorts in France?

The French pools guide lists ‘hygiene and public welfare’ as the reason for the strict guidelines on appropriate poolwear. When it comes to male attire, the guide explains: “It’s a question of hygiene. “Swimming trunks, as well as Bermuda shorts or boardshorts, can be worn all day long.

Do you have to wear speedos in Disneyland Paris?

It is only at public pools you have to wear speedos, at the Hotel pools you can wear less revealing swimming trunks.

What swimwear can men wear in France?

Anyone who’s ever been to the beach or a lido in our neighbouring country may have been shocked to see so many men wearing the skin-tight, reveal all clothing, but it seems it’s a civic duty. Thanks to the the 1903 law all men – and boys – of all ages must wear a Speedo to swim in public pools.

Why are Speedos banned?

Alton Towers has banned Speedos and other tight-fitting swimming trunks, reports the Metro. Alton Towers explained the ban was to “prevent embarrassment” and to “maintain the family friendly atmosphere”. It seems during the hot weather, several men wore the offending swimwear.

Can you wear Burkini in France?

France’s highest administrative court has upheld a ban on full-body “burkini” swimsuits in public pools, rejecting an appeal by the city of Grenoble. Last month, Grenoble authorised all swimwear, including burkinis, sparking a legal battle with the government.

Can you wear baggy swim shorts in France?

Therefore, all the long swim trunks with loads of loose material are not allowed. We are then left with swim briefs. This is the most common use in France. But there are also the square-cut trunks that are accepted since they are also tight-fitting swimwear.

Do men in Europe wear speedos?

The Speedo may be recognizable around the globe, but its home base has long been mother Europe. From the Baltic Sea beaches to the Greek isles, Euro swimmers just seem to be a little more comfortable about showing off those creamy hamstrings, and Americans have always enjoyed having a little fun with that stereotype.

What should I wear to the beach in France?

Go Nautical Breton stripes are all over the beaches and streets of the French Riviera. So, think of classic stripes on your dresses, casual top, dress pants, feminine skirts, chic jumpsuits, and rompers that can make your look appropriate in a luxurious getaway.

Do you have to wear a swimming cap in France?

The laws require that everybody, regardless of how much (or how little) hair they have, must wear a swimming cap when in a public pool. Don’t worry about looking silly, just take a glance around!

What are the rules for swimming pools in France?

Never allowing anyone to swim alone. Establishing pool rules for the whole family – no running by the pool, no diving, swim in pairs etc. Removing any objects like chairs or tables which children could use to climb over a pool fence. Keeping a phone near the pool in case of emergencies.

Can I wear shorts in swimming pool?

Yes you can. I have worn shorts over my bathing suit many times. You just want to make sure that they do not have any metal on them, for obvious reasons. So just slip on cotton or linen shorts would be fine.

Can you wear running shorts in the pool?

Yes, you can wear running shorts for swimming. Running shorts for swimming can be a great way to stay comfortable and relaxed while swimming. They are also a good choice if you want to minimize your exposure to the chlorine in the swimming pool.

Do guys wear Speedos in Italy?

You don’t have to look like a tourist. “Foreign men stand out as they often wear long board shorts while most Italian men wear Speedos or more fitted suits,” says Santoro.

Do you have to wear swim caps in Italy?

The swim cap in Italy A swim cap is compulsory in many Italian (campsite) swimming pools. While the French don’t allow long and loose-fitting swimming trunks in many swimming pools, Italian campsites prefer you to wear a swim cap in the pool.

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