why no grapefruit with cholesterol medicine

ByMaksim L.

Sep 10, 2022

What happens if you eat grapefruit with cholesterol medicine?

Some substances can interact with statins With some statins, drinking grapefruit juice, or eating grapefruit, is a bad idea. Grapefruit juice can cause that statin to stay in your body much longer, and the drug can build up. This can increase the risk of muscle breakdown, liver damage, and even kidney failure.

Can I eat grapefruit in the morning and take atorvastatin at night?

Does Lipitor have a grapefruit warning? Yes, you should not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice while taking Lipitor (atorvastatin). Compounds in grapefruit can negatively interact with certain statins, including Lipitor, Altoprev (lovastatin), and Zocor (simvastatin).

Why can’t people on statins have grapefruit?

Why? A: Certain classes of drugs — most notably statins — are metabolized (broken down) in your intestines by an enzyme called CYP3A, which normally reduces the amount of drug that enters your bloodstream. Grapefruit juice contains compounds called furanocoumarins that stop CYP3A from doing its job.

Which statins are OK with grapefruit?

  • Pravastatin.
  • Rosuvastatin (Crestor)
  • Fluvastatin (Lescol XL)
  • Pitavastatin (Livalo)

How much grapefruit is too much with statins?

Grapefruit juice increases the level of simvastatin in your blood and makes side effects more likely. Atorvastatin interacts with grapefruit juice if you drink large quantities (more than 1.2 litres daily), but an occasional glass is thought to be safe.

Why can’t diabetics have grapefruit?

Grapefruit is typically eaten with sugar sprinkled on top, which can add significantly to the amount of carbohydrates one has to take insulin for and can even put you at the risk of experiencing hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).

How long after eating grapefruit can I take medication?

Interactions can happen up to three days after eating or drinking grapefruit. This means you cannot drink grapefruit juice in the morning and take your medications later in the day to stop possible medicine interactions.

Can I eat an occasional grapefruit while taking atorvastatin?

People who are taking simvastatin, atorvastatin, or lovastatin should avoid grapefruit and grapefruit juice to reduce the risk of an interaction. Most people who take statins have minor side effects, if any. Minor side effects can include: pins-and-needles sensations.

What happens if I eat grapefruit while taking atorvastatin?

Grapefruit contains a chemical that can interfere with your body’s ability to break down or metabolize certain statin medications. When statin takers eat large amounts of grapefruit, the level of statins in their blood can increase, raising the possibility of side effects.

Is there a link between statins and dementia?

Although this particular study found no link between statins and dementia, the research into statins and brain-related effects over all is best described as inconsistent, says Dr. JoAnn Manson, chief of the Division of Preventive Medicine at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Can I eat oranges with statins?

Limit your consumption of grapefruit or switch to “safe” citrus fruits, such as blood oranges, clementines, lemons, limes, mandarins, navel oranges, and tangerines. Bitter oranges, pomelos, tangelos, and Seville oranges contain high levels of furanocoumarin and should also be avoided.

Can you drink orange juice with statins?

Sweet orange (citrus sinensis) may inhibit OATP, which helps mediate hepatic uptake and facilitates statin metabolism. Tangerines are related to sweet orange and may also inhibit OATP. Patients should either avoid these juices altogether or limit consumption to 60 mL per serving.

Can you drink coffee with atorvastatin?

A 2008 study on rats suggests caffeinated coffee may reduce one of the cardioprotective benefits of atorvastatin. That’s because caffeine is a nonspecific adenosine receptor blocker. Adenosine receptor activation is essential for Lipitor to work. Meaning, your daily joe may make it less effective.

Will grapefruit lower cholesterol?

The present study shows that consumption of 250 ml grapefruit juice daily for 3 weeks significantly decreased serum LDL-cholesterol levels in healthy adults, whereas consumption of the same amount of apple juice did not.

Can you eat grapefruit if you take high blood pressure medicine?

Grapefruit contains compounds that may interfere with how your body absorbs some drugs, including some blood pressure medicines. It can leave too much or too little of the drug in your bloodstream, which may be dangerous. Always ask your doctor or pharmacist if grapefruit could affect the medicine you’re taking.

What happens when you eat grapefruit while taking Lipitor?

Past research has warned that eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice and taking statins for high cholesterol may increase your risk for complications such as rhabdomyolysis, the breakdown of muscle tissue that may lead to kidney damage, joint pain, and muscle pain.

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