why can’t i check my comcast email

ByMaksim L.

Sep 10, 2022

Why is my Comcast email not working?

Comcast Email Doesn’t Work on Android or iPhone If you are wondering why you can no longer log into your Comcast account using an app, it’s because the app was suspended in 2021.

Can I still access my Comcast net email?

As a former Xfinity customer, you can still use your Comcast.net email address if you logged into your email account using the Xfinity Connect web portal in the 90 days prior to disconnecting your Xfinity service(s).

How do I get my Comcast email back on my phone?

Set Up the Android Email App for Comcast Email Tap the Email app on your phone. Tap Other to set up an email account. Enter your email address and password on the Account setup screen and tap Sign in. Next, enter your Xfinity password, then select Sign In.

Why can’t I access my Xfinity account?

Clear your cache and cookies, and try to access the xfinity.com site again. If this isn’t successful, please try to access the page by visiting: This issue is believed to be limited to customers using specific router configurations and we are working on a complete solution.

How do I reset my Comcast email?

  1. Go to xfinity.com/password.
  2. Enter your Xfinity ID and click Continue. …
  3. Complete the security check by typing the moving letters in the box. …
  4. Select the way you want to recover your password and click Continue. …
  5. Create and confirm your new password.

Is Comcast email the same as Xfinity?

Your Xfinity username is part of your Xfinity ID, which you can use to sign in. It’s also your @comcast.net email handle.

Is my Comcast email password the same as my Xfinity password?

The Xfinity ID and password you use to log in to your Xfinity account are the same ones used for your Xfinity Mobile account.

How long does Comcast email stay active?

Your email account will remain active if you access it using the Xfinity Connect web portal at least once every nine months.

Can I transfer my Comcast email to Gmail?

Using the mail fetcher feature built into Gmail, you can redirect all your Comcast email to your Gmail inbox. The mail fetcher is an integrated email client that can send and receive messages from any email service with support for POP3.

Why are my emails not coming through to my phone?

Ensure Automatic Email Sync Is Enabled You can check if this is why your emails aren’t syncing by enabling the auto-sync option in your email app. The app should then automatically look for new emails and let you know when a new message arrives. You can enable auto-sync from the settings menu of your email app.

Why is Comcast email not updating?

Confirm your email address In order to send you email updates, we need your correct email address. If you’re not hearing from us, check that your email address is entered correctly. To confirm your contact information, go to your Xfinity Mobile account and click on Service Settings > Edit Contact Information.

Why is Xfinity not loading?

Unplug your equipment, wait one minute, and then plug it back in. This method, known as powercycling or rebooting, can fix many connection problems. Make sure your account is up to date on payments by going to the Billing tab in My Account (you may be asked to sign in using your Xfinity ID and password first).

How can I access my Xfinity account?

  1. To open the Xfinity My Account app, you’ll need to enter your Xfinity ID (which is your email address, mobile phone number or username) and tap Let’s go. Then, enter your password and tap Sign In.
  2. After signing in, your home screen will be displayed.

Why can’t I log into Xfinity app?

You are not signed in with the correct username/password combination, or the username is connected to a disconnected account. The order has not finalized on the back-end, either because the start date does not match or additional information is needed. There was a communication error on the app itself.

Why am I not getting my Comcast emails on my iPhone?

If you notice that your emails aren’t showing up on your phone, there are a couple things you can check: Confirm that you have added the right email address to your iPhone, Samsung, or LG phone. Check that you are connected to WiFi. If not, confirm that your phone is showing a 4G LTE or 3G network signal.

What is the incoming and outgoing mail server for Comcast?

Confirm that imap.comcast.net is in the Incoming Server field. Confirm that smtp.comcast.net is in the Outgoing Server field. Confirm the incoming Port is 993 and the outgoing Port is 465.

What is the new app for Xfinity email?

The Xfinity Connect app is a free, downloadable app that gives you control over your Xfinity Voice and email services on your Apple and Android devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Is Comcast email POP or IMAP?

We recommend using IMAP for your Comcast email. POP can cause problems when checking your mail from more than one phone or computer because POP removes the mail from our server and delivers it to your device.

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