why are gmk keycaps expensive

ByMaksim L.

Sep 10, 2022

Why are GMK keycaps better?

While GMK keycaps are made from ABS, they have a premium design and higher quality than regular ABS keycaps. It’s also easier to make brightly-colored keycaps from ABS than it is to make them from PBT. One of the best attributes of GMK keycaps is their doubleshot design.

What is the most expensive keycaps?

Re: What is the most expensive keycap? The Spumoni mx Clack is currently valued at $900.

Are GMK keycaps worth it Reddit?

Either GMK needs to up their quality game or drop their prices, do not buy these products, they are not worth the ridiculous price and wait times, not in the least. If you are new to this hobby don’t fall for the hype, do yourself a favour.

Why are some keycaps more expensive?

Keyboard keycaps can become very expensive due to the manufacturing quality of the keycaps, exclusive color selection, and limited availability. Most keycap sets are only sold one time, after that the only way you can buy that same set is to pay the aftermarket price which can be very expensive.

Is GMK worth the price?

As long as there is a demand for luxury keycaps, the GMK keycaps will be worth the price. The quality is very precise, although they get shiny after heavy use. There are risks when purchasing anything through group-buy or aftermarket sales.

Why does GMK take so long?

The first is that, since they are part of group buys, every GMK keycap set needs to wait till they reach or exceed their MOQ to even begin to move ahead with production. So, it doesn’t matter how early you cash in on the group buy, you will almost always have to wait months to receive your set of keycaps.

Is ABS or PBT better?

ABS is a softer plastic and produces a milder, softer sound. PBT is harder and produces a more tactile sound. Neither is better, it’s up to preference, but there are a lot of fans of the sound a premium ABS keycap like GMK produces.

Where are GMK keycaps made?

With regard to our high quality standards, we manufacture our keycaps – as well as our entire product range – exclusively in Germany.

How much should you spend on keycaps?

Usually a budget keycap set will be in the $20-30 range, while an upper-end keycap set can go for $100-400. Budget keycaps can get the job done well, but they may have small imperfections. Higher-end keycaps, such as GMK, will usually be thicker, come in a more unique designs, and feel great to type on.

How do I stop keycap shine?

2 – “Rotate” your keys in order to equalise usage, in a similar way to rotating the tyres on a car. 3 – Diet change to reduce / modify the chemical composition of the sweat exuded by the fingertips. 4 – use textured tape (perhaps skateboard grip tape) on the keycaps, providing an easily replaceable textured surface.

How thick are GMK keycaps?

The keycaps themselves are made from 1.5-millimeter-thick doubleshot ABS for longevity and strength.

Are GMK double shot?

GMK is known for using high quality materials to ensure longevity in its products. This is created with Cherry’s original double-shot molding equipment using the highest quality ABS plastic.

What is the most expensive keyboard in the world?

Retailing at $4,240 (?2,190), the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP Japan, produced by an affiliate of Fujitsu, is the world’s most expensive computer keyboard. Its extreme price is due in part to the fact that its keys are hand coated in Urushi lacquer and then dusted with gold.

What profile are GMK keycaps?

For many mechanical keyboard hobbyists the name GMK — a manufacturer based in Germany that produces “Cherry profile” keycaps — is synonymous with some of the highest-quality keycaps around. There’s nothing especially fancy about the style of keycaps GMK produces.

What does GMK stand for?

Grand Master Key (locksmithing)

Are GMK keycaps smooth?

They’re totally smooth and almost glossy. My other spacebars from GMK sets have that rougher texture like the rest of their keys. I’ve often wondered if it would be possible to get a GMK set with that kind of ultra-smooth texture without needing to shine them first.

Is PBT better than ABS?

ABS keycaps are the cheapest and most common plastic used for keycaps. PBT plastic is less common but is usually higher quality than ABS. ABS keycaps feel smooth and develop a greasy shine over time, while PBT keycaps feel textured and are more durable.

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