why did they kill translucent

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Sep 8, 2022

Why does translucent die?

Despite his discernment, his overconfidence leads him to underestimating his enemies. This ultimately becomes his downfall when he fails to realize his attempt to convince Hughie into letting him go backfired, leading to his death at Hughie’s hands.

Can Homelander be killed like translucent?

The protagonists have only managed to kill Translucent so far, but it took a lot of time and research to get it done because the Supe was invisible and bulletproof. If that wasn’t hard enough, Homelander has ten times the power of Translucent and no apparent weaknesses.

Why did Hughie kill Butcher?

While Hughie’s leg is impaled on a fence, Butcher breaks his neck and is paralyzed. With his plan a failure and after a lengthy conversation, Butcher goads Hughie into killing him by falsely claiming that he murdered Hughie’s parents. Stabbed with an iron pipe, Butcher died with a smile on his face..

When did translucent die?

Translucent was killed by Hughie in the debut season of The Boys, and season 2 finally explains how the company covered up the death of a Seven hero. The Boys season 2 reveals how Vought publicly deal with the death of Translucent.

Who replaces translucent?

Stormfront (formerly known as Liberty, real name Klara Risinger) is a major antagonist in the Amazon series The Boys. Serving as one of the two main antagonists (along with Homelander) of Season 2, and a minor yet pivotal antagonist in Season 3. She was a superhero who replaced Translucent as a member of The Seven.

Are Supes infertile?

Similar to their human counterparts, Supes are entirely capable of sexual reproduction.

Can a-Train outrun Homelander?

Fast enough to break the sound barrier, according to his results in the race against Shockwave; he crosses the finish line at 371 meters per second, or about 830 miles per hour. No one short of Homelander could spot A-Train while he’s on the move, since he appears as a blur.

Who is stronger than Homelander?

Apocalypse. Apocalypse has been shown time and time again to be one of the X-Men’s greatest threats, and for good reason. His strength levels have reached far beyond most, and he’s been shown to be able to survive shouts from Black Bolt. Apocalypse’s strength gives him an edge over Homelander as it is.

Who kills Black Noir?

Black Noir (2.0) Black Noir was murdered at the hands of Homelander.

Why does Billy kill mother’s milk?

Mother’s Milk is in critical condition, and Butcher stops Mother’s Milk from breathing therefore killing him, while stating that he has no mates. Mothers Milk possesses superhuman strength and durability brought about from Compound V. Mothers Milk has military experience and training, and has served as an Army Ranger.

Will Butcher get permanent powers?

In Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comics of the same name, The Boys start taking Compound V almost immediately, while Butcher injects Hughie on their first mission against Teenage Kix. Although Hughie is angry at Butcher, he soon comes to accept his powers (which are permanent) of improved strength and durability.

Who has Hughie killed?

After Billy Butcher wounded Black Noir in revenge of his wife, he kills Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and The Female. After Hughie confronts Butcher, and kills him by stabbing him in the chest.

How does Hughie die?

Having his leg impaled too, Hughie walks over to Butcher, who goads him into killing him by saying that he killed his parents. Hughie stabs Butcher with an iron pipe, and he dies with a smile on his face.

Who has Homelander killed?

But for the sake of underlining how much went down in the episode, here we go: Homelander (Antony Starr) kills Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell); the Deep (Chace Crawford) kills Robert Singer’s (Jim Beaver) VP pick and the slot goes to secret supe Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit); Starlight/Annie (Erin Moriarty) flies with …

What did deep do to Starlight?

He blackmails Starlight into performing oral sex on him, and his complaint about his wife is that she “gives terrible blow jobs.”

Who is the weakest member of the seven?

Antony Starr plays Homelander on Prime Video’s The Boys, and with season 3 about to release, he admits that his character is actually the weakest member of The Seven, and perhaps even the weakest on the entire show.

Who is the strongest Supe in The Boys?

  • 8 Queen Maeve. …
  • 7 Victoria Neuman. …
  • 6 Billy Butcher. …
  • 5 Mindstorm. …
  • 4 Stormfront. …
  • 3 Cindy. …
  • 2 Soldier Boy. …
  • 1 Homelander.

Who is most powerful in The Boys?

1) Homelander There’s little doubt that Homelander (Antony Starr) is the strongest character in the Boys. No matter how much is thrown at him, what kind of weapon they can conceive, or how many other superheroes get in his way, Homelander’s power is unwavering.

What episode does translucent get blown up?

In the second episode of The Boys, Translucent had a bomb implanted in his colon and later on, when it exploded, I expected that his body would not explode as the explosion would be contained in his body (due to the thicker skin).

Does Homelander die?

Eric: Well, without getting too spoilery, they are definitely not going to kill off Homelander the same way he went in the comics (Spoilers: in the comics he ultimately does die.

What happens to the deep?

The Deep is still trying to make a comeback, with the help and support of his wife, Cassandra. He releases a new book and even goes on the Cameron Colemon show to talk about it. Homelander supports getting Deep back into The Seven, at the protest of Starlight, but Homelander succeeds and The Deep is back.

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