why is my bitlife challenge not working

ByMaksim L.

Sep 2, 2022

Why cant I see BitLife Challenge?

BitLife added the Archived Challenges Catalog on iOS on April 5, 2020, and is not available on Android as of yet. This was added to let players complete some of the Challenges they may not have completed when they were live. The Alphabet, Ghostbusters, Shamrock, Gold Digger, and Black Widow challenges are Archived.

How do I complete the latest BitLife challenge?

  1. Be born a female in Italy.
  2. Become a fashion designer.
  3. Kill 3+ coworkers.
  4. Poison your spouse.
  5. Bribe the cops to avoid arrest.

What time do BitLife challenges come out?

What time do Challenges start in BitLife? All BitLife challenges will start on Saturday of every week at 3 pm EST. When challenges start, players will have a few days to complete them.

How do you complete can’t catch me challenge BitLife?

  1. Embezzle 100k+
  2. Rob 50k+ from banks.
  3. Succcessfully run from the police 2+ times.
  4. Change your name 5+ times.
  5. Emigrate 5+ times.

How do I marry a royal in BitLife?

  1. Keep your Health and Looks stats up.
  2. Become famous and rich.
  3. Maintain your fame (or increase it)
  4. Wait until you are contacted by a Royal.
  5. Date them and eventually marry them to enter the Royal family.

Where can I find a unicorn in BitLife?

The best way to find a Unicorn in BitLife is to age up and hope for the encounter to appear as a random event. Whenever you age up, you will encounter some sort of animals. There are chances that you will encounter a Unicorn. This does always occurs but it happens a couple of times in a life.

How do you get twins on BitLife?

Once you decide to have a child with your partner, you can have twins in Bitlife by trying Artificial Insemination or IVF. You have to be a female character to do Artificial Insemination. For IVF, you can ask your partner if they agree for it.

How do you become a billionaire in BitLife?

  1. Reach age eight.
  2. Take Acting Lessons through the Mind and Body tab of Activities until maximum skill is obtained. …
  3. Graduate from high school.
  4. Work a part-time job until it is possible to hire a Talent Agent through the Actor tab in Special Careers.

How do I become a BitLife CEO?

  1. Have high Smarts, at least 80%
  2. University: Finance or something business-related.
  3. Higher Education: Business School.
  4. Job: Anything with “Corporate” in it.
  5. Experience: 15 Years.

What is the hardest thing to do in BitLife?

1. BitLife Cunning Ribbon. One of the more difficult ribbons to acquire in BitLife is the Cunning ribbon. The reason behind it is that you need to escape from prison and stay free until you die.

How do I start a new BitLife challenge?

  1. Be a male with 100% Looks.
  2. Join a mafia family.
  3. Become an informant.
  4. Hook up with the head of the Family.
  5. Bring the Family to justice.

When’s the next update for BitLife?

There is no confirmed date yet for when the Business update will arrive in BitLife. However, the update will likely arrive sometime in late 2022 or next month.

How do you embezzle 100k in BitLife?

To embezzle money in BitLife, you just need to have a job and then go to the Crime menu under Activities. You will find the Embezzle option on the list. You can choose from varying amounts depending on your job. The higher the amount you choose, the more likely you will get caught!

What is the gun next to your name in BitLife?

For example, if your new character has a gun next to their name, their special talent is related to crime. This talent means your character is more successful with crime-related activities, including work performance in organized crime syndicates.

Can you run away in BitLife?

The player can choose to ignore them, assault them, intervene, or call the police. If the player intervenes, they have a chance to get assaulted by the person committing the crime. After that, they can call the police on them, fight back, or run away.

How do you complete the new BitLife challenge Mike is magical?

  1. Starting Out — Create a Good-Looking Male Character From Tampa. …
  2. Avoid Hard Drugs at All Costs When Clubbing. …
  3. Stripping for 15 Years and Working as a Carpenter — Smooth Sailing the Rest of the Way.

How do you complete the new BitLife challenge Creeper by the dozen?

  1. Be born a male in New Jersey.
  2. Marry someone with 2+ children.
  3. Have 5+ children of your own.
  4. Adopt 4+ children.
  5. Own a haunted mansion.

How do you do the BitLife on Gilmore challenge?

  1. Be born a female in Connecticut.
  2. Perform every activity with your mother.
  3. Study Journalism.
  4. Cheat with an ex.
  5. Get Pregnant by an ex.

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