why does robert downey jr get paid so much

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Sep 2, 2022

How much money did Marvel pay Robert Downey Jr?

With the success of the first film, Downey Jr. negotiated himself a huge pay raise: $10m base + backend. The film earned $623m at the box office and Downey Jr’s total haul was ~$12m.” After the blockbuster that was Marvel’s The Avengers in 2012, RDJ’s “bet on himself paid off: he made $50m ($10m base + $40m backend).”

Who got paid the most in Avengers?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown beyond the cinema with TV shows on streaming services, but based on a new algorithm, one comic book superhero star has overtaken Iron Man Robert Downey Jr as the highest paid actor among the Avengers.

How much did Robert Downey Jr make per movie?

Robert Downey, Jr’s Total Earnings From Marvel
Captain America: Civil War $40 million
Spider-Man Homecoming $15 million
Avengers: Infinity War $40 million
Avengers: End Game $75 million

Which Marvel actor makes the most money?

  • 8 Benedict Cumberbatch – $6.4 Million. …
  • 7 Paul Rudd – $8 Million. …
  • 6 Jeremy Renner – $15 Million. …
  • 5 Mark Ruffalo – $15 Million. …
  • 4 Chris Evans – $15 Million. …
  • 3 Chris Hemsworth – $20 Million. …
  • 2 Scarlet Johansson – $20 Million. …
  • 1 Robert Downey Jr. – $75 Million.

How much Chris hemsworth paid for Thor?

According to Variety, Hemsworth copped a whopping $20 million to play the godly hero in the latest installment. Hemsworth has been portraying Thor since 2011 and as you’d imagine, his salary has increased significantly since then.

Who is the highest paid actor?

Rank Actor Earnings
1 Dwayne Johnson $89.4 million
2 Chris Hemsworth $76.4 million
3 Robert Downey Jr. $66 million
4 Akshay Kumar $65 million

How much did Tom Holland make for Spiderman?

Holland’s first appearance in a Marvel film (Captain America: Civil War) earned him $250,000 before raking in half a million for “Spiderman: Homecoming,” adding up to $1.5 million with bonuses.

How much was Tom Holland paid for No Way Home?

All this begs the question: What is Tom Holland’s net worth? Tom Holland has an estimated net worth of $18 million, CelebrityNetWorth reports. He regularly earns a base salary of $4 million to $5 million per movie, but rumors have it he grossed roughly $10 million for “No Way Home,” per The U.S. Sun.

How much did Tom Holland make for Endgame?

The site also reported that Holland made $3 million each for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which paid him $6 million in total for both movies. While the salary seems like a lot, it was nothing compared to what his MCU co-stars made for the movies.

Who is richer between Marvel and DC?

Per-Film Average Comic-book movies are massive by any measure: Going back to the start, the per-release average for Marvel and DC films is over $200 million, with Marvel having a very slight edge — $247 million to $224 million.

How much was Chris Hemsworth paid for Endgame?

Chris Hemsworth The Thor actor later took home $15 million apiece for Infinity War and Endgame. Hemsworth’s time playing the God of Thunder has not yet reached its end, as the actor reprised his role in Thor: Love and Thunder, for which the actor reportedly took home $20 million.

How much did Scarlett Johansson make for Endgame?

According to Forbes, Johansson made about $14 million up front for Avengers: Endgame, plus approximately five percent of the box office grosses. Because Endgame made a whopping $2.8 billion, that amounts to about $35 million.

How much did Vin Diesel get paid for Groot?

The actor has been well compensated for voicing the character. As per the reports, he was paid a whopping $54.5 million, which means a slick $13 million for every movie that Groot has been featured in.

How much did Tobey Maguire get paid for Spider Man no way home?

In fact, it’s been reported that Tobey Maguire made $1 million for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Fans were delighted to have Maguire back, even though there have been rumors he acted like a diva on set, and some are wondering how much he made for the original films.

How much did Robert Downey Jr make from Endgame?

The same was the case for his final MCU appearance in Endgame. According to Forbes, the Iron Man actor’s base salary stood at $20 million, though Downey had secured a deal that additionally granted him 8% of the film’s profit to land him around the $75 million mark.

How much did Chris Pratt get paid from Marvel?

The star reportedly received around $1.5 million for his role in the first film. It’s not his only Marvel payday worth, well, marveling at, as it’s also rumored that he was paid a whopping $5 million for his brief appearance in Avengers: Infinity War.

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