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ByMaksim L.

Aug 26, 2022

Has Ashleigh Barty retired from tennis?

Ash Barty retires from tennis at age 25 ranking for 121 weeks. She has three Grand Slam titles in her kitty, all on different surfaces, beginning with the French Open in 2019 and ending with the 2022 Australian Open.

What is Ashleigh Barty doing now?

Now Aussie star will feature in a leading golf event. Just a month after she shocked the tennis world by announcing her retirement from the sport, former world No. 1 Ashleigh Barty is returning to the spotlight with a golf club instead of a racket in hand. Captained by two time Masters champion and former world no.

How rich is Ash Barty tennis player?

Barty is currently worth USD 23.8 million, this includes prize money as well as endorsement and sponsorship deals. In 2020, Forbes ranked her the third-highest paid female athlete in the world. She reportedly had earned USD 13.1 million, with USD 10.1 in prize money.

How much does Ash Barty earn?

In comparison, Barty earned “only” US$3,914,987 (about £2.9m) during the Covid-hit 2021 season and she was eighth on the Forbes 2021-2022 list for highest-paid female athletes with a total of US$6.9m (£5.2m) with US$3m (£2.2m) coming from endorsements.

What is Ash Barty after retirement?

Ash Barty has enjoyed a foray into golf, most recently winning the ladies golf championship at the Brookwater Golf and Country Club in early April just weeks after her tennis retirement. She is now set to continue down this path, announcing her participation in a global golf event in New Jersey in June.

Why is Ashleigh Barty not at Wimbledon?

Ashleigh Barty has revealed she didn’t watch any of the Wimbledon finals, stating she’s “hit enough tennis balls” in her life. Barty shocked the tennis world by retiring two months after winning the Australian Open singles title in Melbourne. Available on Eurosport app.

What is Ash’s next Barty?

In an exclusive interview with NewsCorp media Barty revealed that she will publish a series of children’s books as well as a memoir. The children’s books will be a six-part series called Little Ash and will be loosely based on her own life and own experiences with her family.

How much does Ash Barty earn in sponsorship?

Vegemite, a sponsor of Ash Barty, temporarily changed its name to “Bartymite” in 2019. Credit: A 2022 report from Forbes Magazine said Barty has collected US$3.9 million ($5.2 million) in on-the-court earnings in the past year and US$3 million off-the-court.

Does Ash Barty drive a Jaguar?

The three-time Grand Slam winner ferried bags of groceries from the supermarket to her parked Jaguar F-Pace, estimated to be worth around $100,000. Barty is an ambassador for the car brand, which means she would not have to pay for the vehicle.

Who is retiring from tennis this year?

Serena Williams, the owner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles, is retiring from tennis after this summer’s U.S. Open. Williams, 40, announced her plan Tuesday on Vogue magazine’s website. She attributed the decision to the competing urges of wanting another child while also facing off with the world’s best tennis players.

Who retired from tennis today?

1 and three-time Grand Slam winner quits tennis at 25.

Who just retired from tennis?

1 Ash Barty announced her retirement from tennis at the age of 25 on Wednesday. World No. 1 Ash Barty announced her retirement from tennis at the age of 25 on Wednesday. She addressed her shocking exit from the sport on Thursday, telling reporters, “I’m a sport nut, like a lot of Australians are.

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