why do i have to unpair my watch to update it

ByMaksim L.

Aug 25, 2022

Why can’t I update my Apple Watch?

If the update won’t start, open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap General > Usage > Software Update, then delete the update file. After you delete the file, try to download and install watchOS again. Learn what to do if you see ‘Cannot Install Update’ when updating Apple Watch.

When I try to update my Apple Watch is unpaired?

Make sure that your watch is connected to Wi-Fi. On your watch, open the Settings app. Tap General > Software Update. Tap Install if a software update is available, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Why do I have to unpair my Apple Watch?

Unpairing your Apple Watch restores it to its factory settings. If you’re using your Apple Watch with a transit card in the Wallet app, remove your transit card from your Apple Watch before you unpair.

Why is my Apple Watch not updating and pairing?

Restart Your Apple Watch And iPhone The first thing to try when your Apple Watch gets stuck on an update while pairing is a simple restart. We recommend restarting both your Apple Watch and iPhone, just in case one of them is experiencing a minor software issue.

How do you update your Apple Watch?

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap My Watch, go to General > Software Update, then, if an update is available, tap Download and Install.

Why won’t my Apple Watch connect to my new phone?

Keep your Apple Watch and paired iPhone close together to make sure that they’re in range. On your iPhone, make sure that Airplane Mode is off and that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on. To check, open Control Center. If you see the Airplane Mode icon on your watch face, Airplane Mode is on.

How do I unpair my Apple Watch and fix it?

  1. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together.
  2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap the My Watch tab.
  3. Tap All Watches at the top of the screen.
  4. Tap the Info button next to the watch that you want to unpair.
  5. Tap Unpair Apple Watch. …
  6. Enter your Apple ID password. …
  7. Tap again to confirm.

Should I unpair my Apple Watch before getting a new phone?

If your iPhone doesn’t ask if you want to use your Apple Watch during setup. Unpair your Apple Watch from your old iPhone, then pair it with your new iPhone.

Does unpairing erase Apple Watch?

When you unpair Apple Watch from iPhone, the wearable is returned to factory settings. Since the watch is erased in the process, your iPhone automatically makes a backup of it. That’s one of the reasons it’s important to keep your Apple Watch close to your iPhone during the steps below.

Should I unpair my old Apple Watch before pairing a new one?

Unless you’re keeping both Watches, you need to unpair your old one. Once that’s done, however, your old Watch has been cut free from your iPhone, and you can give it away or sell it as you need.

Does Apple Watch have to be updated to pair?

It is not possible to pair it without updating the software. Be sure to keep your Apple Watch on the charger and connected to power throughout the software update process, with the iPhone kept nearby both with Wi-Fi (connected to the Internet) and Bluetooth enabled on it.

Does Apple Watch Series 3 still get updates?

Now, finally, the company stated that watchOS 9 won’t be available for this model. Weirdly enough, although the Apple Watch Series 3 won’t get watchOS 9, Apple is still selling it from its online store by only stating it won’t support the latest software update.

Can you update Apple Watch without Wi-Fi?

It’s not possible to update your Apple Watch without wifi.

What is the latest OS for Apple Watch?

  • watchOS 8 brings powerful features to Apple Watch users to help them stay connected, be more active, and better understand their overall health and wellness.
  • Fall detection algorithms are updated and optimized for detecting falls during workouts in watchOS 8.

How do I get more storage on my Apple Watch?

Remove media and apps First, try to free up storage on your Apple Watch by removing any music or photos that you’ve synced to your watch. Then try to install the watchOS update. If your watch still doesn’t have enough available storage, remove some apps to free up more space, then try to update.

Is Apple Watch Series 2 supported?

Although Apple no longer sells this model on their website, they do continue to make regular updates that are supported by the Apple Watch 2. Most Apple products continue to receive regular updates for a minimum of five years, so this model should be supported until at least 2021.

Why does my Apple Watch says storage full?

If your Apple Watch keeps saying storage is full, update and restart your iOS and watchOS devices. Additionally, delete some media files and apps to force the system to re-index your files. Try deleting Reminders App data, sign out of iCloud and restart your devices. If the issue persists, unpair your Apple Watch.

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