why did the watcher talk to dr strange

ByMaksim L.

Aug 25, 2022

Did strange supreme become a Watcher?

Before the Watcher fully revealed himself amongst everyone else, Strange Supreme and Infinity Ultron were the only characters that became fully aware of the Watcher’s existence. He, along with Thanos and Infinity Ultron, is one of the few MCU villains to successfully defeat a hero.

Who did the Watcher make his oath to?

The Watchers blamed themselves for the catastrophe and vowed to never again meddle in the affairs of other races. Instead, they passively observe and record events for those who will come after the universe ends. Uatu is the Watcher assigned to watch over Earth from his home in the Blue Area of the Moon.

Does the Watcher ever interfere Marvel?

History. The Watchers were known to be the oldest species in the universe, and committed to observing and compiling knowledge on all aspects of the universe without any interference.

Why did Supreme Strange help the Watcher?

Strange’s universe collapsed after the Watcher refused to aid him, citing his vow never to interfere in the events he observes. Strange Supreme may well blame the Watcher for his loss and his pain, leading him to seek revenge against the cosmic being.

Which is the strongest Dr Strange?

Clea. Clea is one of the most powerful Doctor Strange variants in the comics, as she’s not only a disciple of the Sorcerer Supreme but also a powerful being from the Dark Dimension of Dormammu.

Is Strange Supreme stronger than Wanda?

Both are extremely powerful, but in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda demonstrates the extent of her powers like never before. So in terms of raw force, she is definitely the more powerful of the two. Stephen, however, benefits from years of training as the Sorcerer Supreme.

How did Ultron see the Watcher?

Ultron managed to look through the fabric of space and time and sensed The Watcher observing the Multiverse from the Nexus of All Realities.

Who is the most powerful being in Marvel?

One-Above-All. One-Above-All, who first appeared in Doctor Strange #13, is the most powerful and the most mysterious character in the Marvel multiverse. He is believed to represent the creators of Marvel and has taken the form of Jack Kirby. The One-Above-All is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.

What happens if the Watcher dies?

1 A Watcher Can Wish Himself Back Into Life While Nick Fury murdered The Watcher, the fact remains that no Watcher can die and remain dead. Watchers have the power to resurrect themselves at will.

Is the watcher more powerful than the Infinity Stones?

He is numerous times more stronger than any species in the Multiverse, being far stronger than any Kree, Asgardian, or Titan, equaled only by other members of his species, and is only surpassed by Ultron who has the power of six Infinity Stones.

Is the watcher good or evil?

The Watcher, by pursuing a policy of intervention rather than non intervention, is revealed as the biggest bad guy of the Marvel Universe.

Is Nick Fury the watcher?

In the wake of Uatu’s death in the ORIGINAL SIN event, Nick Fury was punished by the Watcher’s people. Because Fury killed Uatu, he was forced to become the Unseen and serve as the Watcher’s replacement on Earth.

Is Ultron stronger than Watcher?

As his name implies, he’s not a warrior, so while he ultimately loses to Ultron, that doesn’t make him weaker overall. Even in strict combat scenarios, however, the Watcher is still incredibly powerful.

Why did Watcher chose party Thor?

He foresaw that Ultron would be defeated. So he brought along Party Thor purely for the entertainment while he watched.

Did Doctor Strange hear The Watcher?

‘, The audience witnessed Doctor Strange begin to sense the Watcher, i.e. he can hear and see him. This happened at the end of Marvel’s ‘What If…? ‘ episode 4’s conclusion. Fans are confused as to how this was possible, given that the watcher was merely a silent observer.

Who can defeat Scarlet Witch?

Martian Manhunter’s powers make him one of the Justice League’s most potent members. It’s that mix of abilities that will help Martian Manhunter beat Scarlet Witch. Not only is he a physical powerhouse on par with Superman, but his shapeshifting, invisibility, intangibility, and telepathy make him even more versatile.

Who can defeat Dr Strange?

He Who Remains (aka Kang) Kang is very easily more powerful than Doctor Strange, considering that a variant of him has overtaken every single universe, as is revealed in episode six of Loki (and somehow not at all addressed in Spider-Man: No Way Home).

Why was defender Strange so weak?

Ultimately, though, playing by the rules and using logic isn’t enough to save him from being killed by a monster. He has most of the same powers as Earth-616 Strange, but seems less likely to push the boundaries of them, making him a bit weaker.

Did Doctor Strange hear the Watcher?

‘, The audience witnessed Doctor Strange begin to sense the Watcher, i.e. he can hear and see him. This happened at the end of Marvel’s ‘What If…? ‘ episode 4’s conclusion. Fans are confused as to how this was possible, given that the watcher was merely a silent observer.

Is Strange supreme a good guy?

strange supreme is the most powerful good guy we have seen, and he is also awesome. The dude friggin swallows an explosion and even infinityultron says that he is super powerful, he has demon gods in him and he created a dimension.

How was Dr Strange able to see the Watcher?

However, Doctor Strange was able to sense his presence and later even see him as he consumed powerful mystical entities to increase his power. Ultron was also able to sense his presence and see him after obtaining the power of six Infinity Stones.

Who is Sorcerer Supreme after Dr Strange?

Clea Strange. That’s right, the one-time paramour of Doctor Stephen Strange and current Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension is becoming the Sorcerer Supreme of the main Marvel universe – the ‘616,’ as they call it – as a result of the still-ongoing limited series Death of Doctor Strange.

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