Are Green Monster seats expensive?

That means the cost varies, and is determined by date, opponent and even weather conditions. For example, a standing room ticket for the April 11 home opener is $140, while a first-row Monster seat will cost $500.

How much does it cost to sit in the Green Monster?

Buy Tickets Here Ticket prices on opening day for Green Monster seats range from $150 to $550. The Red Sox are again using a “dynamic pricing” model for those seats, where ticket costs are determined by factors like the game date, opponent and weather.

Are Green Monster seats good?

It was worth the money. First row, one can look down and see the Green Monster wall. We had metal round seats with a back, and there was a counter in front so one can put food/drinks/arms on it. There was enough legroom, and there was decent space with your neighbor so that you won’t knock legs.

How do you get Green Monster seats?

Fans can purchase Green Monster seats for each individual game online as they would for any other seats at Fluor Field. For seats in Row A of the Green Monster, fans can purchase a maximum of four tickets, and any fans wishing to purchase a table atop the Monster must purchase all four seats at that table.

Why are Fenway tickets so expensive?

Limited capacity due to COVID-19 has made tickets to see a game at Fenway Park this spring even more of a scarce commodity. Surprise: the laws of supply and demand continue to apply to Boston Red Sox tickets.

What is the best place to sit at Fenway Park?

Where to sit. If money is no object, then Field Boxes 21 through 76 are your best bets for fantastic seats at Fenway. Just behind these are Loge Box Sections 108 through 152—also a great bet, and a tad less expensive.

Is the Green Monster standing room only?

The green monster is 3 rows of actual stool seats with a bar in front of you. The 4th “row” is the same bar you can lean on but there are no seats. We got there when gates opened on the Lansdowne Street entrance.

What are the Green Monster seats at Fenway?

Green Monster seats at Fenway Park stand alone as the most unique seats in the majors! This package puts you atop the most talked about target in baseball, high above left field and a well-known hot spot for right-handed hitters.

How far do you have to hit a ball over the Green Monster?

Dubbed the “Little Green Monster” this wall sits at 19 feet tall or about half the size of its Boston papa, but it also sits almost 60 feet further back. So you not only have to hit the ball 370 feet, but it also has to clear a 19-foot wall which really limits line drive home runs.

Why is Fenway Park so weird?

It is the oldest active ballpark in MLB. Because of its age and constrained location in Boston’s dense Fenway–Kenmore neighborhood, the park has many quirky features, including “The Triangle”, Pesky’s Pole, and the Green Monster in left field.

What section are Green Monster seats?

5/18 – The Monster Seats are located in left field right above the Green Monster and are a great place to try and catch some homerun balls. The Monster Seats at Fenway Park are some of the most desirable seats in all of baseball.

Why is it called the Green Monster?

The Green Monster, so named for its color and size, came into being because of the shape of the lot Fenway Park was built on in 1912. The distance to the left field fence is a relatively short 315 feet. To compensate, the monster was put in the way of any ball trying to get out of the park.

How much do Green Monster seats cost at Fenway?

Boston Red Sox tickets start at $35 and can range up to $1,559 for a grandstand outfield box. You can even purchase tickets to sit or stand in the Green Monster for about $175 per ticket.

What is the cheapest ticket at Fenway Park?

Upper Bleacher is the cheapest option*, which starts at $10 and Field Box is the most expensive (not including premium tickets) option with tickets up to $165 for tier one seats. Seating at Fenway Park will vary based on preference and budget.

How can I get cheap tickets for Fenway Park?

The Sox website is best for when you don’t live close and want a high demand game. Typically the cheap Red Sox tickets sell out fast, so the Sox make lower demand games available first, such as April and May weekdays. Again, get on any pre-sales you can for Yankees games or July or August weekend games.

What is the average ticket price at Fenway Park?

Characteristic Average ticket price in U.S. dollars
2020 60.09
2019 59.32
2018 56.97
2016 54.79

How much does it cost to sit in the red seat at Fenway?

Fenway’s famed red “bleacher” seat now retails for $23-$45 per game. A vivid reminder of the greatness Ted Williams bestowed upon the Red Sox franchise is the single red seat that stands out amongst its green counterparts in the right field stands.

Is Fenway Park cash only?

The Boston Red Sox announced that cash would no longer be accepted at Fenway Park concession stands for the 2022 season ahead of the home opener.

How many seats are in the Green Monster?

There are currently 269 seats atop the Green Monster, making it a hot commodity for Red Sox fans looking for an atypical viewing experience.

How much are club seats at Fenway?

Almost every Red Sox game sells out, so if you’re planning a trip to Fenway, your best bet is to buy your tickets ahead of time on the Red Sox web site. Face value prices range from $15 for the upper bleachers, to more than $250 for club seats.

What are Green Monster SRO tickets?

The green monster is 3 rows of actual stool seats with a bar in front of you. The 4th “row” is the same bar you can lean on but there are no seats. We got there when gates opened on the Lansdowne Street entrance. You turn right and up the stairs where they look at your ticket and stamp your hand.

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