Will the Among Us Backbling be in the item shop?

Among Us bundle in Fortnite Item Shop Moreover, all players who purchase Among Us from the Epic Games Store (or an Among Us Stars Pack from the Epic Games Store) will also be able to receive the Back Bling and Emote inside Fortnite for no additional cost.

How do you get the Among Us backpack in Fortnite?

To get the Fortnite Among Us back bling, you need to buy Among Us from the Epic Games Store (opens in new tab) for $4.99 / £3.99, then next time you access the battle royale your customization items will be added to your locker.

How much is the Among Us back bling in Fortnite?

Once the cosmetics are purchased, they can be used across your PC and consoles, assuming your Epic Games accounts are linked. Among Us costs $5, while the cheapest Stars Pack that can be purchased to unlock the crewmate back bling for players who already own the game costs $2.

How do I get among back bling?

If you already own Among Us on the Epic Games Store, you can buy any pack of stars to get the cosmetics. The cheapest star pack is $1.99 for 20 stars. The cosmetics will be added to your account shortly after buying the game, and you’ll get an in-game popup in Fortnite noting that they’ve been unlocked.

What is the code for Among Us in Fortnite?

AMONG US: POLUS 0388-9523-9891 By TheBoyDilly – Fortnite.

What are some Fortnite codes?

  • MakaMakes’ Mini BR Solo City – 8566-1472-7195.
  • Fall Guys Fortnite – 3958-4575-1075.
  • X-Run by X-Labo – 8660-5683-2097.
  • Counter-Strike Dust 2 Map – 9908-4675-7557.
  • Battle for Zion FFA – 8652-4690-9655.

How do I get Among Us makeup?

Some cosmetics are free and automatically owned by the player, while a variety of other cosmetics can be unlocked by paying in-game currency. Cosmetics can be bought in the shop or inside Cosmicubes, and owned cosmetics can be equipped in the wardrobe.

How can I get Among Us for free?

To avail Among Us for free you need to head to the official Epic Games Store website and claim it. Epic Games Store has brought good news for gaming enthusiasts across the globe. The online games retailer has announced that the popular game Among Us will be available for free on the platform starting today.

What’s the rarest back bling in Fortnite?

The Black Shield is probably the rarest back bling that was attainable to players of the game regardless of geographical location. As the name suggests, the back bling is a black shield with a dragon insignia on it. This cosmetic was only available to players who reached tier 70 in the season two battle pass.

What skin in Fortnite is the rarest?

Season One’s Aerial Assault Trooper skin remains the rarest skin you’ll come across.

Is precision back bling rare?

Precision is a Rare Back Bling in Battle Royale that could be obtained as a reward from Tier 22 of Battle Pass Season 3.

Is Among Us in fortnite item shop?

The @AmongUsGame Bundle is available in the Item Shop now! Among Us Bundle is currently available in the Fortnite Item Shop where you can get the Crewmate Back Bling and Distraction Dance Emote, a dance from Innersloth’s Henry Stickmin series, and given even more life from Among Us.

Will the Among Us cosmetics come to the item shop?

The Among Us X Fortnite collab was announced by the game’s official Twitter handle last night as part of Epic Games’ Summer Sale. The post announced that if anyone who purchases Among Us from Epic Games Launcher from June 9th 2022 to June 9th 2023, will receive the Fortnite cosmetics directly in-game.

Will Among Us be in the item shop?

Fortnite x Among Us: New Among Us Bundle is now out in the Item Shop – Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite,… Squad up with your Crewmates and prepare for departure on the Battle Bus. The @AmongUsGame Bundle is available in the Item Shop now!

How do I get Among Us stuff on Fortnite?

All you need to do to get the items for yourself is purchase a copy of Among Us from the Epic Games Store. After you’ve done so, just return to Fortnite, load up the game and you will be gifted with the two items for you to use as you see fit.

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