Shelter cats comfort each other through the cage

ByMaksim L.

Jul 31, 2022

When Tri-Cities Animal Shelter volunteer Julie Saraceno walked past the animal cages, she was struck by one scene. Two pets from neighboring cages pulled their paws towards each other, as if supporting one another and wanting to play. Saraceno immediately recorded it on video.

The red and white cat is Quinn, a playful and affectionate pet that the whole shelter knows. Every time someone passes by his cage, he clings to the person, drawing attention to himself. The black cat is Raven, a sweet and very kind pet who lives in a shelter with her mother and siblings.

“I think the animals were drawn to each other both to play and to feel some kind of connection with each other,” says Saraceno. According to the girl, this could calm the cats, because due to the frequent noise in the shelter, they may feel uncomfortable. She hopes that the pets will soon find loving owners, but for now they will periodically spend time together. And earlier we talked about another unusual cat who goes to comfort people at the nearest cemetery.

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