Musk filed a counterclaim against Twitter

ByMaksim L.

Jul 30, 2022 ,

American entrepreneur Elon Musk has filed a counterclaim against Twitter, whose management had previously sued the billionaire, to complete a $44 billion deal to buy the social network. It is reported by CNBC.

The channel notes that Musk, for an unknown reason, asked the court to keep the details of the counterclaim secret. Twitter sued Musk in July for violating the merger agreement.

Musk’s deal with Twitter

On April 25, Musk and Twitter executives reached an agreement to sell the social network to the billionaire for $44 billion, but in mid-May, the businessman said that there would be no further movement in the deal until Twitter clarified the situation about the proportion of fake accounts among social network users.

On July 8, Musk notified Twitter that it was pulling out of the purchase deal, citing violations of the terms of the agreement. Then the management of Twitter sued the billionaire in order to complete the deal to buy the social network.

The Delaware Court of Chancery has scheduled the start of proceedings on Twitter’s lawsuit against Musk on October 17. Proceedings must be completed within five days. Musk’s lawyers tried to block an expedited hearing and insisted that the trial should begin no earlier than 2023.

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