In The Sims 4, Sims began to become attracted to their next of kin. Representatives of the Electronic Arts company on Twitter have already stated that the appearance of incest is a bug, and the problem will be fixed in the near future.

Players are complaining that many of their preferred partners now show their sister, brother, father, and other characters who live in the same house as them. On reddit, one of the users showed a screenshot in which an elderly mother suddenly decided to propose to her son. Another gamer stated that his Sim wanted to be romantically involved with their twin. Some players have also experienced very rapid aging of heroes – from birth to death can now take only a few minutes in reality.

An update for The Sims 4, which introduced unusual bugs, added sexual orientation to the game. The developers made it possible to more accurately customize with whom the characters want to develop relationships, whether they are ready for experiments and whether they agree to have sex with their own or the opposite sex.

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