A Russian blogger named Denis Shiryaev decided to check if the neural network could solve a children’s puzzle with finding objects in a photo. This puzzle is straight out of Japanese magazines from the 1990s.

The task is simple: you need to find four different animals in the picture. With a dog, no one will probably have problems. But the rest will have to try. We invite you to look for the animals yourself. Hint: a duck, a butterfly and a bat are hidden in the picture.

The developer from Russia did not think long and took advantage of modern technologies. He “fed” the image of the neural network. That, in turn, had to determine all the objects located in the figure. When asked by Hi-Tech.Mail.ru which neural network was used in the search, Denis did not answer.

Result: of the animals, the neural network found only a dog. Also, artificial intelligence correctly identified people, but there are some mistakes. The neural network mistook the nozzle for the watering can for a watch, and the board for a mobile phone. Technology confused the drawing and the box of nails with books.

All this time the butterfly hid among the leaves of the trees. The duck hid between the legs of the dog, and the bat flew right over the hands of the children. Now that you have seen these animals, they seem obvious to you.

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