Missing dog reunited with owner eight years later

ByMaksim L.

Jul 25, 2022

A former resident of the US state of Florida reunited with her pet eight years after his disappearance. This is reported by the news agency UPI.

In 2013, Betsy DeHaan adopted a pit bull named Harley. A year later, the dog disappeared. The owner and her family searched everywhere for the missing pet, but all efforts were in vain. No one responded to the ads they put up. Later, the woman moved with her family to Gainesville, Missouri. After the move, they lost hope of finding Harley.

Recently, a family contacted an animal rescue center in Florida after spotting a stray brown pit bull in the vicinity of Fort Myers. Center employee Angie Bray took him to the vet. The dog had a microchip with information that helped to find its owner.

DeHaan said that the appearance of her pet was like a miracle. To return it, she traveled almost two thousand kilometers. “He still loves to cuddle as before,” the American emphasized.

Earlier it was reported that the missing dog from the house of a resident of the American city of Norfolk, Virginia, was found five years later at a distance of a thousand kilometers. The owner of the animal said that she cried when she received a call from the shelter and was informed that her long-lost pet had been found.

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