Up for sale at RR Auctions is lot number 5006, an Apple Computer A prototype that the current owner claims was built directly by Steve Wozniak and personally owned by Steve Jobs. It is expected that by the end of trading on August 19, the value of the lot will be at least $500,000.

Unfortunately, Jobs did not treat the board very carefully. After receiving the first order, the computer is believed to have been abandoned in the garage that began the history of Apple for several years before Jobs gave it to the current owner about 30 years ago. This is confirmed by the presence of cracks and breaks on the board, as well as the absence of several components on it, which were subsequently used for other projects in the same garage. The upper right corner is chipped off the board, where the Sprague Atom capacitors and the processor were.

Given that this is an Apple I computer, there should have been a 1 MHz MOS 6502 processor, 4 KB of RAM, expandable to 8 or 48 KB, and 456 KB of tape storage. However, the owner of the artifact claims that the Apple Computer A prototype had a Motorola 6800 processor. The auction site says that this is the only copy soldered by Wozniak with his characteristic “three hands” technique. It is also reported that the cost of computer components at that time was $ 40, then there were extra charges for assembly, software and company profits. The Byte Shop ended up selling them for $666.66 each.

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